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“Is Evil Rational?” — via @DennisPrager

good and evil bestThere is so much wrong with the world, and too often I glibly speak of its “madness” or “irrationality”…but no more!  Five minutes of Dennis Prager‘s lucid speech reminded me of what I knew already…most of what’s wrong in our world has little to do with insanity, but everything to do with evil.

Invest five minutes in a clearer perspective this morning:

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Actually, Suffering is PROOF of God’s Existence….

sufferingGot your attention, didn’t I?

I just watched a Prager University video featuring Professor Peter Kreeft of Boston College. Professor Kreeft happens to be one of my favorite philosophy/logic/theology writers, so I was happy to watch his brief lecture.

I think you’ll appreciate it, too:

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How to Raise Your Kids to be Great Citizens: CHANGE the way you praise


Visual oxymoron…

Yesterday, JTR shared  a video in which a liberal Democrat borrowed religious language to ask God to bless and further the abortion agenda. Surely this was the ultimate oxymoron!  Now, I have no way of knowing whether she was being ironic. She appeared to be perfectly sincere, and quite unaware of how bizarre and contradictory she sounded to a Christian who is pro-life.

As I thought about this, I began to wonder whether conservative God-fearers sometimes borrow the rhetoric and values of the secular world, perhaps without even knowing it.

  • We may nod our heads when we hear the phrase, “In the world but not of it;”
  • we may tap our toe in time to “This world is not my home, I’m only passing through;”
  • we may hang up a plaque that reads, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord;”
  • we may think we are raising our children to be God-fearing, devout and humble.

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Failing to accept the TRUTH about the #MiddleEast:

obama-flagpinDo you remember this old Obama quote?

“…Now it’s our moment to lead – our generation’s time to tell another great American story.

So someday we can tell our children that this was the time when we helped forge peace in the Middle East…”

(–Senator Barack Obama, 4/23/2007)

Hmmm,….  How’s that coming along? Let’s take a peek at a few items from the region:

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Dennis Prager: “It’s as if they NEVER existed….”

An age-old debate between guys and gals is the way men are wired (visually) vs. women (NOT visually).

Lord knows I’ve had this discussion with my beautiful, smart, funny and generally incredible bride of almost twenty years…, and I’m guessing most married/engaged guys have had it, too. Since it’s the middle of summer, and folks are going to the beach, etc,…, this is as good a time as any to review the subject.

pragerDennis Prager masterfully covers such topics in his live appearances and on his radio show, especially during the “Male/Female Hour”. Using equal parts humor and common sense, Dennis can be trusted to get past various misconceptions, and pull out the truth of the matter.

My favorite part of his video (below) is when Prager says:

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The State vs. the Individual

(***NOTE: This is a re-post from last year.

But in light of the overwhelming amount of State Sanctioned, tyrannical behavior cascading from the White House recently, it seemed appropriate to revisit this line of thinking.)


I was re-reading an old article by Dennis Prager called “The Bigger the Government, the Smaller the Individual” and I was struck at the wisdom of that phrase. It made me think of the many things which we’ve covered here over the past few months, certainly, but it also reminded me of several other items I’d recently seen and how Conservatism (both political & religious) is connected by that singular concept.

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Take the test: “Are you a Liberal?”

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I was raised in the extremely liberal conclave of Massachusetts. As a result, for years my opinion of Liberal ideals was exactly as Dennis Prager enunciates in his video at the bottom: to be “liberal” was synonymous with being kindcompassionate and open-minded. To be otherwise marked you as some despotic amalgamation of The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns and Attila the Hun.

It wasn’t until after I graduated and escaped from New England (many years ago now) that I discovered what Conservatism even was, and that many, many people whom I knew were not, in actuality, liberal at all: they just thought they were.

Liberal_vs_conservativeI had the opportunity over a long career in sales to flesh-out this discovery, since during interviews the conversation would often come around to politics or current-events. It was then that I found countless folks who’d voted for liberals consistently,  even though their own personal beliefs and values ran counter to those politicians’. Why? Because they’d been fed the same line that I had: liberal was “good” and “kind”, so to not be liberal meant the opposite…and who wants to think themselves NOT “good” or “kind”?

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RACISM: only the Left sees it, yet the Left are the ones who DO it

Ahhh, Racism. If you’re a Progressive/Liberal/Democrat, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Throughout the election, many media figures (I’m talking to you, MSNBC) constantly heard alleged racist ‘dog whistles’ coming from the Republicans. These claims were specious and inflammatory, yet no one else in the Main Stream Media called them out for it. Why not?

It’s because by and large, the Left has a fixation about race. And pretty much by definition, if you are totally fixated on race …you’re the racist.


Racism is one of the seven terms that the Progressives use, constantly, to stigmatize Conservatives and/or Republicans. The other six are Sexist, Intolerant, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic, and Bigoted. Dennis Prager even coined the acronym ‘SIX HIRB’ to make them easy to remember.

But racism is their favorite. Even when race isn’t an essential part of the discussion, WHAM, they bring it up. Why?

I’ll let Zo explain in his most recent video:

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