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Why the Redskins’ name should be left up to… the Redskins

UPDATE – June 18, 2014: ***[In light of the 50 Senate Democrats who recently sent a letter to the National Football League and demanded the Washington Redskins football team change its name, as well as the U.S. Patent Office having just cancelled the Washington Redskins’ trademark registration (by calling the team’s name “disparaging”), we’ve updated the post below accordingly…]***

Redskins 4744

The feelings that a sports team’s fans have about their team’s nickname/logo are incredibly strong, maybe more so today than even in years past. In the old days and in every sport, plenty of athletes would spend their entire careers with one team, whereas that’s incredibly rare now. So when we’re rooting for a team, it may consist of almost entirely new personnel from one year to the next.

THIS makes the team nickname one of the only consistent aspects with which to identify. We end up rooting for an icon and an image, whether it’s a Giant, a Viking, a Bruin, or a King.

And that’s why this brouhaha over the Washington Redskins’ nickname has folks so thoroughly steamed.

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TRIGGER WARNINGS: the latest innovation from the Lamest Generation

It’s our fault, of course.

We ARE their parents, after all.


There’s been quite a few articles of late concerning a new (and quite frankly offensive) concept, which comes to us from the myopic minds of Generation Bubble-wrap.

It’s called a “Trigger Warning”:

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No longer the ‘…Home of the Brave’?

Necessity does the work of courage -- Geroge Eliot1

Brave“. What does that word even mean anymore?

Yet again, behavior which was once the hallmark of our nation is being eradicated. We’ve touched on this in the past (in “Land of the Fearful; Home of the Meek), but the examples keep coming, with no end in sight. In a different time, the people listed below would be considered “brave” or “courageous” by almost any measure.

But today?

Well, do you recall the story of 20-year-old volunteer EMT Stephen Sawyer? He was the only one around when a call came in about a 4-year-old who was having a seizure:

(via Fox News) – “…After making several unsuccessful calls for ambulances, Sawyer said he made the decision to drive the ambulance to save the child – violating the rule that only people age 21 or older can drive the emergency vehicle…” 

And what was Sawyer’s reward for saving the child?

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OUT: the corner ‘Pop’ Machine —- IN: the corner POT Machine

Man, do I feel old.

I’ve got nuthin’ against progress. I agree that going from 8-tracks to CD’s to MP4’s is a good thing, and having a camera and a computer in my cell phone is awesome. Heck, just having the cell phone itself is still awesome.

But not all progress is necessarily a positive, in this old fuddy-duddy’s opinion. ‘Cause, somehow, we’ve gone from seeing these:

cigarette machine

to these:

Zazzz Machine


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Creating a Passive America: “Dog Days”


I’m beginning to feel like my neighbor’s dog.

Two different headlines this week are the reason: one about a murderous shooting spree and the other detailing a high school classroom scuffle. And if you’ll grant me just a minute or three of your time, I promise I’ll explain.

The shooting spree to which I’m referring is the recent one at Fort Hood. Tragically, the number of folks killed and/or wounded was unquestionably higher than it needed to be due to no personal firearms being allowed on base, a factor obviously known by the shooter. The same can be said about last year’s shooting at the Navy Yard, as well as the first shooting at Fort Hood back in 2009.

A lifting of this rule would have two fairly obvious effects:

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Daring to Defy the Mob

“…Oh! You’ve nothing to say 
They’ll drag you away! 
If you listen to fools:  
The mob rules, …the mob rules…”  

(The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath; 1981)

One of my mother’s Top Five Sayings revolved around thinking for ourselves, and it had been drilled into her by the nuns when she was a child: “Right is Right even if NOBODY’s right, and Wrong is Wrong even if EVERYBODY’s wrong“. In other words, don’t let the current popular opinion sway your morals or judgement.

Or shorter: don’t follow the mob, no matter what.

Never in my life has the wisdom of that simple lesson been on more obvious display than recently.

firefox - 1

This week we witnessed the Leftist Mob Of Tolerance call for the scalp of Mozilla’s CEO, …and scarier still, we saw them get it. Regardless of this man’s viewpoints on marriage or ANY other highly debated topic, this was an undeserving fate for anyone living in an allegedly Free Society.

But we don’t have one of those anymore, do we?

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OLD: “#BanBossy” — NEW: “Ban EVERY Word We Don’t Like”

Ban Bossy

In comparison, “Ban Bossy” looks positively restrained.

It was only a couple days ago that I wrote the following about the #BanBossy crowd:

“…we have the smarty-pantsers on the Left trying to remove another word from the English language, as they are wont to do. But words aren’t inherently cruel and a free society has no business banning ANY words. If you ban one word, people will simply substitute some OTHER word to convey that same meaning. Guaranteed.

Worth noting is it seems to be the allegedly free-speech-loving Progressives who are always enamored with the removal or banning of words. Our institutes of higher learning seem especially smitten with this idea…”

And in light of this newest example, my observation can only be termed disturbingly prescient:

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The Lunacy of Banning “Bossy”

Wicked Witch - Ban BossyThey’re at it again.

When I saw this hit the web yesterday, I had the same reaction as this person:

Sadly, I was unprepared for the answer:

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