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FLASHBACK: the President vows that #Obamacare will be “Deficit Neutral”

How many lies did the president tell in getting Obamacare passed?

As numerous as the stars in the sky…

From ABC News back in November, 2009:

OBAMA: “And I promise you. We’re already starting to look at the fiscal year 2011 budget and the out years, and although we are in the midst of a recession, and we inherited a big structural deficit, no one’s more mindful than me of the fact that we can’t have a bill that simply blows up an additional entitlement that’s not paid for.”

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How the Government *protects* our Tax money: “Spend it or Lose it!!!”

From the group Bankrupting America comes one of the better satire videos in recent memory. A tremendous send-up of NBC’s ‘The Office‘, they’ve re-imagined it as a “normal” Federal Government agency: the “Department of Every Bureaucratic Transaction”, or D.E.B.T..

waste your tax moneyAfter you watch the clip below, make sure you stop over at their website. It covers the everyday waste going on in all areas of our government, and how irresponsible behavior is consistently rewarded. It’s chockablock with other videos, graphics and articles, so take your time looking around.

***NOTE: This video currently has about 10,000 views on YouTube right now. From what I’ve seen, your average cat video can get 30,000A subject THIS important needs to generate waaay more than that.

Just sayin’…

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DETROIT: the Movie

Courtesy of Steve Breen:

detroit - thelma and louise

Journalists won’t (or CAN’T) learn the lessons of #Detroit’s Bankruptcy…

The Left in general, and journalists specifically, are having a hard time with the recent Detroit bankruptcy.

Detroit - do not enter

Detroit has been a literal liberal paradise, with its solely Democrat controlled government, rampant unionization, and spend-like-there’s-no-tomorrow approach to city finances. After observing the various reporting over the last few days, I’m now convinced that most reporters simply don’t comprehend what happened.

It’s not that they aren’t biased: they are. But it’s more than that. They’re also economic morons.

Personally, I blame their schooling:

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Are you planning on paying for your kid’s college? Good luck with that…

I have two sons, and I have no idea if they’ll be going to college.

Now don’t misunderstand: both of my boys are extremely bright (my admitted parental bias notwithstanding). My concerns are twofold: one is the Anti-American, Leftist agenda that I see being forced into the schools, and the other is cost.

We’ve previously addressed my first concern, with our school’s (Kindergarten through Graduate school) overarching goal apparently being the creation of one class of “Generation Cupcake” after another, so I’m going to skip that for today.

StudentDebtMy second concern (COST) is just as problematic, and just as unnecessary.


NEW YORK, Feb 26 (Reuters) – With rising U.S. college costs and too many options, parents are saving less than they expected for their children’s higher education.

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I’m With “Stupid”

(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi: “We Don’t Have A Spending Problem…”

Nancy Pelosi

What else do I need to say?

We DON’T have a Spending problem…”???

How many trillions will our nation need to owe until we DO have a “spending problem”, may I ask?

THIS is what passes for wisdom on the Left…and it nauseates me:

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“Unexpected”: Our GDP drops to -0.1%

Ever have a nightmare where you’re falling, and everything happens in super slow-mo?

Where you have time to think “How did I ever get myself INTO this mess?”, or “Why didn’t I do (insert alternate decision here) instead?”


Well, I feel the same way right now, and I dearly wish I was dreaming.

From HotAir:

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