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This took longer than I thought…..

……to find time in my schedule for blogging. Having almost a chemical addiction to news, I consume…. but haven’t allowed the time for much output, save for the occasional emailed diatribe (or two) to my friends.

In the interest of time, I’m reprinting something I shared with them earlier this week. It’s still relevant, it’s egregious and oh, so predictable.



Today’s question:

In Congress, if something gets voted down unanimously, what does it matter whom the majority is? By asking that question, I’d obviously make a lousy journalist.

Prepare for commercial strength spin, courtesy of the Associated Press:

GOP-run House easily rejects Obama budget

Ok, that makes you think: “those dirty, evil, gosh-darned Republicans used their majority to vote it down”, ….correct?

At the end of the story comes this rather essential factoid:

The vote was 414-0.

Yes, that would be “0”, as in “no one“.

  • Not.
  • Even.
  • One.
  • Person.

Ummmm, ….I think the headline writers at AP kinda missed the entire point of the vote?