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Everything, …Every. Damn. Thing…, is now Racist


When I read the following headline, I was torn between laughing and crying:

The University of Utah may change Fight Song after Complaints that lyrics are Racist

From the article, it’s apparent that the college is indeed considering this:

Professor Joanna Yaffe said she sees not only sexism in the song but also racism — explaining that a line which states that the school’s “coeds are the fairestcould be interpreted as a reference to skin color.

“I don’t think I’m being hyper-PC, I’m just thinking about not really being included in the song,” Yaffe, an adjunct professor of psychiatry, said in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune.

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#NAACP: we support everyone’s right to their own opinion, …as long as it agrees with ours


I wrote the following almost a year ago:

“…The party of inclusion, of diversity, of recognizing and respecting differences…  consistently holds up as holy writ that if you do not accept your ‘appropriate’, preassigned belief of the liberal Democrat hive-mind, then you are no longer deserving to be recognized or respected for your differences.

By Refusing to be the Same, you are no longer considered Diverse…” 

And God Bless ’em if they don’t keep on proving me right.

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The Word Police, and the Rights of the “Offended”

offended signIf you know your neighbor doesn’t recycle every last shred of cardboard and metal, does that offend you?

How about if they have a bunch of Green Peace stickers on their VW?

Offended yet?

What if your boss is an outspoken evangelical Christian, or if your uncle believes the Earth is heating-up faster than a microwavable Pizza Pocket®? If your local high school’s nickname was the “Indians”, the “Braves”, the “Chiefs” or (gasp) the “Redskins”, …would that offend you?

If you find any of these examples to be offensive, have no fear: we each have the Constitutional RIGHT to be offended.

What we don’t have is a Constitutional right to force those people to shut-up or cease their behavior simply BECAUSE we’re offended.

But the rise of Political Correctness, coupled with various lawsuits and speech codes, has effectively created a veritable Word Police in our society. And everything said or done is apparently fair game for them to find a potential “offense”.

Yoda offended 333

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School bus attack: I wonder if THESE 3 boys would look like Obama’s sons, too?

school bus 453

This is NOT to say that there was anything racial about this 3-on-1, black-on-white attack. The investigation thus far shows that it was at least partially drug-related. 

But we must consider that there wasn’t anything racial about the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident, either, …until NBC News deliberately edited their tape to make it appear racially motivated.

And, of course, until President “If I Had A Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon” decided to pipe up.

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This just in: Common Sense is NOT “#Racism”…

Amazingly, they’re still at it.

As you’re no doubt aware, the current cause célèbre of the Race Industry (aka: “Big Racism”) is the alleged “racial profiling” of Trayvon Martin, even though the trial proved that no such racial profiling existed in that case. Regardless, this has been discussed endlessly by both CNN and the MSNBC gang, the aforementioned Race Hustlers, and of course the President himself.

Darth - race is disturbing 9

But profiling (racial and otherwise) happens every day, to everyone. We ALL do it to one extent or another. Please consider a couple of examples to which I believe we can all relate….

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Why do Media Liberals seem to LOVE Racism…?

Of all the behaviors by our über-Leftist media which causes my stomach to churn, their incessant carping about “Racism” may be the most annoying.


It really doesn’t matter what the subject is, either. The “everything that Right-wingers/Conservatives/Republicans do is racist” rant is heard as regularly as the weather. And while MSNBC seems to lead the pack in this category (fairly consistently), other media outlets aren’t that far behind, with one charge of racism being more ridiculous than the next.

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The newest narrative on #Benghazi: “The facts about this case are racist….”

Two stories on Benghazi hit today, with the second one intending to cancel out the first, or make it radioactive so as deny it any traction.

Here’s the first, from CBS News:

(CBS News) WASHINGTON – CBS News has learned that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) cut specific references to “al Qaeda” and “terrorism” from the unclassified talking points given to Ambassador Susan Rice on the Benghazi consulate attack – with the agreement of the CIA and FBI.

The White House or State Department did not make those changes.

There has been considerable discussion about who made the changes to the talking points that Rice stuck to in her television appearances on Sept. 16 (video), five days after the attack that killed American Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, and three other U.S. nationals.

Okay, if you tell me that the DNI scrubbed various problematic wording, yeah, I can maybe believe that. Maybe. And if you believe that, then you ALSO need to believe they (and NOT the White House or State Department) swapped out the “problematic” wording for the “YouTube Video/Random Uprising” lie, which I guess is still possible…. although I don’t believe that for a second.

What ISN’T possible/probable/plausible is that the primary beneficiary, Barack H. Obama, wasn’t informed about all of this.

To which I say: “take your bag of crazy somewhere else: we ain’t buyin’ here”.

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Obama in 2007 (video): President Demagogue strikes again

A video which was unearthed by the Daily Caller debuted on Hannity last night.


We’ve covered our distaste for the current president’s policies for a long time now. And before Chris Matthews even gets warmed up: it’s not a race thing. President Pander could be white, fuchsia or plaid: I. Couldn’t. Care. Less.

I was just as opposed to Bill Clinton, …and Al Gore, John “Universal Soldier” Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, …and a host of others. Kindly note that the racial trend in this list (and I can add to it, no problem) doesn’t actually help the whole “racist” angle, unless I’m severely biased against rich white folks.

The only racism that I see bandied about is the accusation of  “Racist” towards Conservatives &/or Republicans from the Media and the Left.

We’ve proven this, many times over.


The video above doesn’t flummox me with Obama’s praise for Jeremiah Wright. Everyone knows he loves Wright (remember ‘Audacity of Hope’?), and threw him under the bus only when the association became problematic.

No, no…what made me throw-up was the blatant, naked, glaring, rhetorical sop Obama made in the New Orleans address. The “you’re being discriminated against” tone was obvious and nauseating. What’s more, that is clearly not President Obama’s normal speech pattern, verbiage, or accent. It was as if he was simultaneously channeling Al Sharpton and Malcolm X, with just a dash of Chris Rock thrown in.

This has always been Obama: deliberately divisive; a rabble-rouser; a racial provocateur.

This, as in all of the other manymany instances which we’ve covered, is yet another lie. Obama’s character, background, economic policy, foreign policy, scandals, dead ambassadors, cover-ups……all lies.

Demagoguery, lies and condescension: This is Barack Obama.

I don’t need any new reasons to vote this epic blight on the United States Presidency out of office. But: some of my neighbors do, and probably some of your neighbors do, as well.

As I said yesterday, you know what to do.