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PRICELESS: The Left’s ridiculous #Obamacare spin is blowing-up in their face

The lie that Liberals are telling themselves these days:

All Is Well

Lefty spinners have been out in force this week, trying to not only put some lipstick on the Obamacare pig, but a cocktail dress, earrings and pumps, as well.

However, it seems to be having the opposite effect, which makes perfect sense. After all, you can argue ’til you’re as blue-in-the-face as a Smurf, and folks’ll still figure out that paying hundreds or thousands more each year for insurance is NOT the same as “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan…“.

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Happy Halloween, from #Obamacare: “The Healthcare Mash”

The (un)-Affordable Care Act is still front-and-center in the news today, but since it’s ALSO Halloween, we were seeking some way to blend the two topics.

Courtesy of Remy at ReasonTV, this clip made me laugh out loud. And considering how completely NOT funny Obamacare is, …that’s quite an accomplishment:

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Here we go again: Obama Halloween costume at hospital results in ‘Mandatory Diversity Training’

Nope, you can’t criticize The One:

HOPKINSVILLE, KY.— “…A picture of a Jennie Stuart Medical Center employee wearing a President Barack Obama mask and straitjacket at the hospital’s annual costume party has stirred debate.

Along with the costume, a skit called “VIP Special Delivery” was performed, winning the group third place in the costume contest. 

As a result, all 750 employees have now been required to take diversity training. The VP of Human Resources at the medical center issued a statement to staff apologizing for anyone who was offended and personally took responsibility since the incident occurred on his watch…” 

obama-costume 999

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Sebelius unable to answer WHY #Obamacare forces men to purchase …Maternity Coverage??


Speaking as a longtime insurance professional, whenever I hear barely-functional idiots like Sebelius discuss insurance, it kinda’ makes my skin itch:

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I’m not actually a “customer”, if you mandate by law that I MUST buy your “product”…


For several weeks now, the mantra that we keep hearing from Obamacare’s cheerleaders has been “give it a chance; it’s only just started“. Which is fair, to a point: it has just started, …and it’s been a frustrating, miserable disaster unlike anything which would be allowed to continue in the free market.

However, no matter how many chances we give, this can’t work for one very basic reason: government bureaucrats are in charge of it. And when those people are in charge of anything, the very last thing you can expect is excellence, at least as a private sector entity would define “excellence”.

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Worse than the Administration’s #Obamacare Lies? The Smug, Condescending TONE of their Lies.

This is now officially THE new Democrat talking point: 

Wow, that simply reeks of disdain for (A) the intelligence of the American people, collectively, and (B) the intelligence of the Left’s followers, specifically.

I’ll get into this more in a second, but first watch this clip from Megyn Kelly’s show and listen for the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT.

This is not a coincidence:

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Obama “didn’t know” about #Spying? Or Yeah. Sure. Whatever…

The #1 rule I learned in my early management days was about the critical nature of Trust. Being liked is overrated: you can be hated and still be wildly effective. But no matter how brilliant, or charismatic, or well-meaning you are, the day that your employees/co-workers/clients no longer trust you is the day your leadership is effectively over.

We have come, finally, to that day in the Obama Administration.

trust 955

Back in May and on the heels of his proclaimed ignorance of the IRS targeting of Conservative groups, I asked whether the president was a congenital liar, totally incompetent, or both (“The Many, Many, Many things the Obama Administration “…just didn’t know…” “). 

And today, we have our answer: it doesn’t matter. Because one explanation is as thoroughly debilitating to his now-shattered trust as the other: 

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The Treasure and the Fool–a parable retold

pearlI wrote this piece several years ago after an “Aha!” moment. I’d been wrestling with the meaning of two of Jesus’ Kingdom parables–the very brief ones about the treasure hid in a field and the pearl of great price. As metaphors for giving up everything in order to have the Kingdom of God, these terse statements didn’t quite work for me.  I kept wondering things like, “Whose treasure was  that, buried in the field? Are there ethical concerns there?” “Did the merchant pay fair market value for the pearl?”  If he had to give up all he owned in order to purchase it, I picture him standing there with nothing but the pearl, thinking, “Now what?”

It reminded me of the auction scene in Oklahoma!, where the cowboy Curly sells his gun and his horse in order to keep Jud Fry from winning Laurey’s picnic hamper.  At the end of the night, all he has is the hamper…and Laurey.  And that seems to be enough.  As I continued to think about the foolishness of this picture, a new thought began to form in my mind.  I wonder if this is what Jesus intended all along.  Continue reading