TRIGGER WARNINGS: the latest innovation from the Lamest Generation

It’s our fault, of course.

We ARE their parents, after all.


There’s been quite a few articles of late concerning a new (and quite frankly offensive) concept, which comes to us from the myopic minds of Generation Bubble-wrap.

It’s called a “Trigger Warning”:

(via Jonah Goldberg in National Review) – “…It started on left-wing and feminist websites. Like a spoiler alert in a movie review or a more specific version of the movie-rating system, trigger warnings are intended to alert very sensitive people that some content might set off, or trigger, their post-traumatic stress disorder or simply offend some people. According to most accounts, this was a conscientious accommodation of people who’d been raped or otherwise horribly abused. 

national-review-online-logoBut soon the practice metastasized. Trigger warnings were provided for an ever-increasing, and ridiculous, list of “triggers.” For example, one website offers a trigger warning that it contains images of small holes, lest it terrify people suffering from trypophobia, which is — you guessed it — a fear of clusters of small holes.

Another website warns visitors that it will not tolerate any debate over the validity of its trigger warnings for, among many other things, trypophobia, pictures from high places, audio of snapping fingers, or images or discussion of spiders, food, escalators, or animals in wigs…” 

Yes, our little precious darlings wish to be protected from even the possibility of being discomfited. Rugged individuals they’re not.


These are the future leaders of the world that we’ve just raised, ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow’s leaders of our nation. Anyone who’s not utterly ashamed at this thought simply isn’t paying attention, or has no conscience.

Kevin Williamson summed it up perfectly:

“…So, Millennials, I have to ask: What the hell happened to you people? We didn’t want warning labels when we were kids, and you’re demanding them as adults?…” 

Yep, it would appear so.


This is how you get speaker after speaker being disinvited from various college commencements, and how the slightest variance from their ever-changing ideology is reason for them to shout down The Enemy at a moment’s notice. It sums up too many of this generations’ views on Free Speech: they demand their own, …and that’s it.

So think twice, or perhaps thrice, before you send your own bouncing bundle of joy off to some overpriced university. If you do, you’ll likely end up with only two things: (A) a mountain of debt, and (B) a child who’ll demand you submit your thoughts on any-&-all topics to them in advance, for fear of you potentially offending their newly-vitreous sensibilities.

And worst of all, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself:

8 responses to “TRIGGER WARNINGS: the latest innovation from the Lamest Generation

  1. We are doomd aren’t we?

  2. I’m gonna start issuing Slap Warnings.

  3. I wasn’t aware of the fad before. Don’t open a history book either. This generation (whatever) sees it as their right to offend everyone else, without being offended themselves.

    • That’s pretty much it, Bull. Their rights supersede yours, …by virtue of being theirs.

      Which makes me think that they’re a bit hazy on the whole CONCEPT of what actual “rights” are, …but that’s a topic for a different post.

  4. Wonder how we could have stopped the ‘trigger’ that propelled Elliott Rodger to kill? And it was in Ms. Lovering’s town. Hope she’s ok.

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