29 responses to “Obviously, Sports Logos mean more to us Fans than to the Owners

  1. How could you not mention Chief Wahoo? That is the best logo in all of professional sports. In my opinion the new Dolphin’s logo makes me want to put a rainbow bumper sticker on my car, eat some granola and talk about how the sun makes my skin all warm and moist with little beads of sweat. Poltically correct response? No. Just expressing myself.

    • C’mon, JJ! Chief Wahoo is politically incorrect, and YOU KNOW IT! LOL!
      Heck, they don’t even want you to “Tomahawk Chop” at the games anymore, which of course, is what makes it so much fun……

      • As both a Kansas City Chiefs AND a North Dakota Fighting Sioux fan, I can commiserate. It’s difficult not to laugh in the face of the always-outraged progressives lecturing me on the insensitive nature of my sports teams.

        Not saying I don’t laugh, of course: just saying that it’s difficult not to.

    • Like I said, JJ, no disrespect meant to any team I left out. And yes, I enjoy Cleveland’s Chief.

      It’s the PC nature of the teams’ new images now that grates on me. They all seem to be coming out of the same studio, as if they were pulled from the same Power Point presentation.

      Loved your response to the new Dolphin. And for the record, I felt a little sick to my stomach when I saw the new Miami logo. It was not unlike my reaction to when Pepsi unveiled their new “Obama-ish” design a few years back.

      If you’re gonna mess with a classic, shouldn’t it be essential to make it better, and not simply more generic?

  2. My favs:

    Hockey: The Chicago Blackhawks. Really, this is the sharpest jersey in the NHL.
    Baseball: My laughable, 20 straight losing season Pirates.
    Football: The Patriots. Love the Revolutionary-era guy in formation.
    Basketball: Nope. I don’t do the NBA.

  3. “Got Dandruff!”
    “Some of it itches!”

    My Dolphins logo looks like it is for an airline!

    • I think it would be important to know if it’s a male or female dolphin…..

      Somebody call Ace Ventura – Pet Detective! “Laces out!”

    • Hatfield,
      I admire your restraint in trying to cuss, WITHOUT actually swearing…

      Yes, the new ‘Flying Flipper’ logo would be appropriate for some Pacific Islands resort. I can picture it sewn into his-and-hers bathrobes, or maybe embossed on some decorative soaps.

      VERY menacing, indeed….!


      • I’m glad you replied to Hatfield…I thought he was quoting from something reeeeeally obscure. NOW I get it.

  4. Hey nice to see my new Twitter avi getting some love! 🙂

    • Hey, CTX!
      Your Twitter icon was what made me think of this post, after I read the original article….

      Always loved that logo. Two of my favorite pitchers way back when were Grant Jackson and (of course) Jim Palmer. Wasn’t enough to sway me from my Red Sox, but I had a soft spot for the O’s, just the same.

      • With baseball season underway, I figured I’d given enough love to the Ravens and it was time to spread some to the O’s…It was no contest in picking this logo, brought back some chidhood memories: Earl Weaver kicking dirt on umpires’ shoes…heck I wanted to be Jim Palmer!
        Glad you posted this, sports logos are always fun to talk about…and those Bullets, they also started out in Baltimore 😉

  5. Great fan of the San Diego Padres and Chargers. Remember going to Padres games when they were still a Pacific Coast League team. At one time, Ted Williams was a Padre, albeit before my time. 😉 He was also a San Diego native like yours truly.

    When I was a hockey fan, my team was the SD Gulls.

    • Ahhh, the old Gulls team from the Western Hockey League…! Wow, that IS a blast from the past, Mr G!!
      I remember ’em from back then, but they went defunct in the mid-’70s, around the time when the World Hockey League set up camp in San Diego.
      Actually, when they reformed in the 90s in the IHL, they played for the championship, losing to the Ft. Wayne Komets (where GBL and I spent part of our youth).

      Gotta love sports…


  6. Being a lifelong Raider fan, we love the haters but unfortunately its been a very long decade of stinking it up. I guess we should expect nothing less from the PC world we now live in with the dolphin logo.

    • I understand liking the Raiders, Blaine. Being a Chiefs fan (and one of my very best buddies since childhood is a Raiders fan) I’ve had a lifetime of experience watching the Silver-and-Black.

      A great logo which should never, ever be changed.

      As for your team’s recent woes, just remember that it’s April: “Hope springs eternal” in the off-season!!!

    • Two words for all Raiders’ fans: Immaculate Reception….


  7. Habs logo stands for Center Hice!, You know, where de puck is drop? Comme ca?

    • Hello, Rolf!
      Thanks for being here, and taking the time to comment…

      “Center Hice”?
      Whew, that was a bit of a reach, but I’ll give you points for trying.

      Personally, I preferred your line from your Twitter feed:
      “That Habs logo stands for ‘Gone golfing while the Bruins go for the Cup’ en francaise!”

      Now THAT is a sentiment I can get behind, completely. I just hope it comes true this year…


  8. Shout out to Robo regarding that ‘Les Habs’ guy!

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