We welcome and strongly encourage comments here: you need not agree with either of us to express your opinion. Many times the comments shed far more light on a particular topic than the initial post itself, and for that we sincerely thank our intelligent (and often witty) readers.

To that end, we do not permit “trolls”, ad hominem attacks, or vulgar language on this site. ANY comments which do not follow these commonsense rules will either be deleted or not allowed to post in the first place. As the saying goes: “We can disagree without being disagreeable”.

Reblogging and ‘Press This’ Reproduction of OUR Posts:

We’re delighted when anyone “Reblogs” our posts, or uses “Press This” to incorporate our writings on their own site. WordPress tools allow both of these to be done with the proper attributes to the original attached. So long as this is done using other blogging tools or software, or as a conscious effort on the part of the destination site, we encourage anyone interested to consider doing so freely.

We only ask in return that whatever commentary you attach to our posts will keep the tenor and tone consistent with the work you are using.

Accuracy & Completeness:

This is an opinion/editorial site, and all commentary (unless otherwise indicated) is ours. We publish what we know at the time to the extent that we know it, and do our level best to be as accurate as possible.

We’ll work to update and correct the information published as we find new leads and information. Thus, all information is subject to updates and changes.

5 responses to “Rules

  1. Speaking of rules… We’ve discussed the topic of Blogger Awards before. But I could not go without giving you mention, in pectore, here:

    • As I mentioned last week, James, you’re exceedingly kind.

      It is often said about gifts that “it’s the thought that counts”, and in OUR case, that’s even more true. That you think of us in those terms is truly all that counts to us.
      Thanks so much, my friend.

  2. Hi there! Couldn’t find your contact information but wanted to reach out! Could you email me when you get a chance? Many thanks!!

    julieonpolitics at gmail

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