But I was repeatedly told by the Left that this was Un-possible………..??


I’m so old, I remember when the Left informed us, ad nauseam, that we HAD to exclusively turn to Wind, Solar, and Hamster Turds for our power…..,  because we’d discovered all of the oil and gas we were ever gonna find.

It was framed as “common sense“, and “accepted wisdom”, and “science”.

…Especially “science“.

Remember that?

It was just an opinion, of course; an opinion that just-so-happened to conveniently dovetail with the Left’s desperate desire to be rid of Evil Oil.

But it was always stated as unshakable, Objective Fact.

If you even mildly disagreed, and/or said something like “Really? It’s a pretty large country, and history shows that we’re kinda smarty-ish about finding more Oil…,” you were immediately shouted-down and denounced as a knuckle-dragging Denier who couldn’t face Reality.

You do remember those days, right?

Good times, good times…………..

11 responses to “But I was repeatedly told by the Left that this was Un-possible………..??

  1. I love sarcasm. It serves this little item so well!

  2. We have found different ways to find oil and continue to find more reserves. Are they ever right? Nice to see you posting again!

    • Great to see you as well, partner!
      Been too long.
      Gonna do my best to return to at least some level of posting, even if it’s only 2-3 times per month.

      And no, the Modern Environmental Left is virtually never right.
      Actually, such consistency is impressive in its own right, when ya think about it… 🙂

  3. Welcome back, JTR! I thought my email inbox was messed up when I saw a “new post” from my FAVORITE blog!
    To your post:
    But….the SCIENCE is settled! Right?? Next thing you know, we’ll be finding out that the “settled” science of Global Climate Change is wrong! GASP!!
    And finally, HOW VERY SWEET that it was discovered in TEXAS!! LOL!
    Would like to comment more, but I have to go back to the live news casts with ad nauseam coverage of the whining going on inside of our college campi. It’s better than any comedy on TV right now….

    • Yeah, brotha-man: the Spirit Moved Me, and here I am.
      (It was almost laughable how long this took me, though. And the interface has changed since I’ve been away, so had to relearn on the fly. )

      And yes:
      the fact that it’s discovered in TEXAS makes it exponentially better for all concerned.
      I’d be faaaar less optimistic about its use had it been discovered in, say, … ‘California’, if-ya-know-what-I-mean…

  4. Our current President is going to go down in history as a champion of fossil fuel.

    • Possibly! Of course, in today’s world, you probably still get a “Champion’s Trophy” for being in 44th place…..

  5. Michael slomkowski

    Think the Chickens have come home to roost? The night crawlers in the swamp beware.

    • Michael from Merhaut, …is that you??!!?!
      FANTASTIC to “see” you, sir!
      What’ve you and your daughter been up to?


      And yes, there will likely be chickens roosting all OVER the place, going forward. Time will tell…

  6. Michael slomkowski

    iT’S ME ! Thanks for continuing your gift of commentary David. Girls are great and hope all is great with your boys. Miss talking with you.
    Happy Holidays – Give lots of thanks this year (of Mercy)

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