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At Democrat rally, activist publicly thanks God ….for Abortions


If you’re a God-fearing person, I’d suggest you put down anything breakable before reading further.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner:

With high-ranking Democratic officials listening reverently in the Iowa state capitol, a liberal activist and union official on Wednesday led a prayer for increased funding for abortions, for greater access to abortions, for doctors who perform abortions, and for what she called “the blessing of choice.”

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When did “To disagree with” someone become “HATE”??

In light of the hullabaloo over Indiana’s RFRA law and the rise of the “Tolerance Police” at our nation’s universities, this post is (sadly) topical once again.

Not much has changed in the last coupla years, has it….?




I’m confused.

When, exactly, did the mere act of not enthusiastically embracing an idea, thought, or ideology become synonymous with “Hate”?

Notice the utter lack of actual logical consistency here. The accusations are hurled as if inarguable facts, but they make no more sense than saying “If you don’t think Catcher In The Rye is a particularly well-written book, then you ‘hate’ literature”.

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Money Is NOT Safe In The Big Banks

How much of your money/savings do you have in the bank: 

  • Most of it?
  • All of it?

money in hand 4

How confident are you that you can GET to your money, at any time? 

…Are you sure?


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IRS now referring to #Obamacare’s taxes as ….”Shared Responsibility Payments”??

Remember this?

From Obamacare, to record-setting debt, to racially divisive rhetoric, our President has certainly been true to his word: America has been (and continues to be) “transformed”. 

The method through which his Administration is primarily accomplishing this metamorphosis is words, or rather, by changing the meaning/use of words: 

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Persecution is to be Expected

coptic cross goodA Muslim man shoots two Egyptian Coptic Christians at point-blank range, then cuts off their hands and heads.  That must have happened…this week in Cairo?

No. Back in February.

In Buena Vista, New Jersey.

Granted, the Christians were recent immigrants…after all, most of the violence is confined to Egypt–isn’t it?

Except–since January, there have been killings in these African countries, too: Algeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, and Tanzania. At, you can find 19 articles since April of this year about persecution against African Christians. 

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Teaching our kids the value of Good Character

Good Character 7494

I’ve been telling my two sons the same message for their entire lives: my goal for them is that they grow up to be strong, kind, solid men of good character. And anything I do or don’t do is in furtherance of that goal.

As a result, both of them (ages 12 & 13) are presently strong, kind, good boys… so far. I’m hardly naïve, and well aware that with the gift of free will, they could one day make destructive decisions which upend all my and my wife’s hard work.

But I wouldn’t bet on that happening.

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Freedom-sapping Regulations and Diktats are just the Govt’s way of “Encouraging” us

The word-of-the-day is courtesy of

DISINGENUOUS –  lacking in candor; also : giving a false appearance of simple frankness : calculating.

And with that definition firmly ensconced in your brain, let’s get to a recent quote from our President which has (mysteriously, I know) managed to elude 98% of the Main Stream Media yet again:

obama keystone xl( – President Obama on Friday confronted critics who have opposed his administration’s regulatory efforts to get Americans to use less energy.

In some cases we’ve actually been criticized that it’s a socialist plot that’s restricting your freedom for us to encourage energy-efficient light bulbs, for example,” he said at a town hall event in Binghamton, N.Y.

I never understood that but you hear those arguments,” he added.

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“Good Enough” is not a useful standard

dennis the menaceAmong the pitfalls of Christian parenting, I know of none any trickier to navigate than moderating youthful behavior: I want my child to become obedient, and to obey the FIRST time I give the instruction or command. I want to be consistent in doling out consequences for failing to obey. But both parent and child are human, and we fall short. My granddaughter Lucy doesn’t always want to bend her own will to mine (surprise!!)–and her most stubborn moments sometimes coincide with my greatest fatigue…I am just too tired to want to follow through.

In addition, I am aware of not wanting to send the message that I demand perfection, or that her perfect obedience is required in order to receive my love (or God’s).  Neither Lucy nor I can ever be “good enough” to merit God’s favor. And He has made it clear through His Word that He loves us in spite of our faults. Continue reading