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Teaching our kids the value of Good Character

Good Character 7494

I’ve been telling my two sons the same message for their entire lives: my goal for them is that they grow up to be strong, kind, solid men of good character. And anything I do or don’t do is in furtherance of that goal.

As a result, both of them (ages 12 & 13) are presently strong, kind, good boys… so far. I’m hardly naïve, and well aware that with the gift of free will, they could one day make destructive decisions which upend all my and my wife’s hard work.

But I wouldn’t bet on that happening.

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Man saves dog from drowning, …before he saves his wife?

danger 3Picture this: you, your wife and your pet are all taking a boat ride when it capsizes. You’re all wearing life jackets (even the pet), but you can’t assist both your pet and your wife to shore simultaneously

Whom do you choose to save first: your pet, or your spouse?

For everyone choosing “spouse”, congratulations! You’re wrong.

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John Wayne & American Values

Appropriate on this Memorial Day Weekend.

John Wayne embodied the best of our country for 40 years: patriotism, strength, courage, and an unapologetic belief in American Exceptionalism. A return to such ideals from Hollywood would be a welcome sight.

Feel free to skip past the normal scripted banter to the 1:45 mark for the “meat”.

Happy Birthday, Duke!


***By the way, if you’d like to see a brief history of John Wayne (since this is his birthday), check out YouViewed/Editorial.