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#Parenting Tips: If your 2-year-old dials 911 FIFTEEN TIMES, …you’re doing it wrong.

Parenting 101 - FAILED

Call me judgmental, but I think there’s a larger problem here:

(via Yahoo! News) – “…Authorities have charged a northern New York woman and her boyfriend because the woman’s 2-year-old daughter used their cellphones to dial 911 a total of 15 times last month.

Village of Lowville Police Officer Matthew Martin says the 23-year-old mother and her 33-year-old boyfriend told him they tried to keep their phones away from the persistent toddler, but the girl kept getting them and dialing 911.

(Officer Martin) charged the couple the next day with obstructing governmental administration…”

As the father of two (now teenage) boys, I gotta ask: fifteen times? Fifteen? Am I the only one who’s trying to figure out how this is even possible??

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“Good Enough” is not a useful standard

dennis the menaceAmong the pitfalls of Christian parenting, I know of none any trickier to navigate than moderating youthful behavior: I want my child to become obedient, and to obey the FIRST time I give the instruction or command. I want to be consistent in doling out consequences for failing to obey. But both parent and child are human, and we fall short. My granddaughter Lucy doesn’t always want to bend her own will to mine (surprise!!)–and her most stubborn moments sometimes coincide with my greatest fatigue…I am just too tired to want to follow through.

In addition, I am aware of not wanting to send the message that I demand perfection, or that her perfect obedience is required in order to receive my love (or God’s).  Neither Lucy nor I can ever be “good enough” to merit God’s favor. And He has made it clear through His Word that He loves us in spite of our faults. Continue reading