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Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson’s warped, sick, hateful Burning Cross/#TeaParty e-mail…

Go ahead, Lefties: take your best shot.

Defend this fundraising e-mail from the despicable Democrat Representative Alan Grayson:

GRAYSON - 2013-10-22-at-8.41.31-AM

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When did “To disagree with” someone become “HATE”??

In light of the hullabaloo over Indiana’s RFRA law and the rise of the “Tolerance Police” at our nation’s universities, this post is (sadly) topical once again.

Not much has changed in the last coupla years, has it….?




I’m confused.

When, exactly, did the mere act of not enthusiastically embracing an idea, thought, or ideology become synonymous with “Hate”?

Notice the utter lack of actual logical consistency here. The accusations are hurled as if inarguable facts, but they make no more sense than saying “If you don’t think Catcher In The Rye is a particularly well-written book, then you ‘hate’ literature”.

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