At Democrat rally, activist publicly thanks God ….for Abortions


If you’re a God-fearing person, I’d suggest you put down anything breakable before reading further.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner:

With high-ranking Democratic officials listening reverently in the Iowa state capitol, a liberal activist and union official on Wednesday led a prayer for increased funding for abortions, for greater access to abortions, for doctors who perform abortions, and for what she called “the blessing of choice.”

Midge Slater, an organizer for the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, part of the Iowa Federation of Labor and the AFL-CIO, spoke to about 80 people who came to the capitol to protest a proposal that the State Board of Medicine end a program that allows doctors to prescribe an abortion pill for a woman after a video chat, rather than an in-person consultation.

Two days later, on Friday, the Board voted to end the practice known as “tele-med” abortions.

In her invocation at the rally, which was attended by Jack Hatch and Tyler Olson, two Democratic candidates for governor of Iowa, Slater:

  • prayed that elected officials “may always support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.”
  • She prayed for “increased financial support for low-income women” to have abortions.
  • She prayed that “women in developing nations” have greater access to abortion.
  • She prayed to “give thanks and celebrate that abortion is still safe and legal.”
  • And she prayed that families may know “the blessing of choice.”


Leftists always sound idiotic when they try to combine their political “beliefs” with religious truth. Think back to January, when Touré thanked God on-air that “abortion was there to save me“. And who could forget Nancy Pelosi, the allegedly staunch Catholic, referring to late-term abortion as “sacred ground”?

Of course, Ann Coulter was one of the first to highlight this disconnect in her 2006 book, Godless, when she (accurately, as it turned out) referred to abortion as Liberalism’s “Holiest Sacrament.

But here we have someone, surrounded by Democrat leaders, invoking God’s name in a prayer to bless and help spread abortion, around the world??

This is either a blatant sacrilege, or one of the most profound misunderstandings of God’s teachings I’ve ever heard.

23 responses to “At Democrat rally, activist publicly thanks God ….for Abortions

  1. How in God’s name do they justify praying that God would intervene on their behalf as they attempt to murder even more innocent babies??????? AHHHHHHH YOU’RE RIGHT, I WANNA BREAK SOMETHING

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  3. This is absolutely foul. I really don’t have much to say, except that God certainly will not answer they prayers.

    • Agreed, Patrick, although I’m with Sally on the last part:
      God’ll answer, ….but Ms. Slater probably won’t LIKE the answer very much.

      Great to see you here, partner, and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. This woman actually called on “The Creator of all that is good”…and then asked WHAT? Unbelievable. I’m thankful that at least that protest did not succeed. Wow. Just—wow. Speechless.

  5. Ms. Slater would be more accurate in crediting ALL that is evil when she gives thanks and celebrates that abortion is still “safe and legal”… Giving thanks to The Lord for abortion is beyond stupid, in fact, it’s downright blasphemous. (But I doubt she even knows what that is.) The mere fact that she possesses such ignorance as to even equate The Lord with abortion rights shows that she has ZERO understanding. But, Ms. Slater, there is still hope for the salvation of your soul. Choose NOT to find it, however, and there is a place that is ready for YOU where the worm dieth not, and the fire is never quenched.

    We will ALL pray for you…

  6. I think this was nothing more than trying to make a mockery of us that actually do pray to God.

    • Although that’s possible, I really think it’s deeper than that: many if not most of these folks truly believe they are fighting as the “good” guys. Their worldview has been shaped THROUGH their liberalism, …including their faith. Therefore, they wouldn’t notice a disconnect between a prayer to their God, and asking for a political good.

      It’s self-actualization: “I am good. I am praying for something. Therefore, whatever I’m praying for ALSO must be good.”

      Doesn’t make it any less wrong, or less twisted. But I was raised around folks like these: their politics IS their religion, at least primarily.

  7. God answers all prayers. In this case, She said “No.”

  8. Next to come: atheists gather to pray for the continued protection of their beliefs; pacifists wage war on militant conservatives.

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  10. This has officially gone from selfish and sick to down-right evil. And I don’t use that word very often…

  11. Yuck yuck yuck, truly unbelievable. I pray for her, that she would know, God does not want us to kill our children.

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  13. Clearly this illogical speech is not a prayer to the One True Creator God, simply revealed by her ungodly requests.The final 13 seconds reveal her feminist created religion and therefore her feminist created god; the god of abortion.

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