IRS now referring to #Obamacare’s taxes as ….”Shared Responsibility Payments”??

Remember this?

From Obamacare, to record-setting debt, to racially divisive rhetoric, our President has certainly been true to his word: America has been (and continues to be) “transformed”. 

The method through which his Administration is primarily accomplishing this metamorphosis is words, or rather, by changing the meaning/use of words: 

Feel free to add your own: it’s a lengthy list.

Regardless, we can now chalk up one more, courtesy of The Daily Caller:

IRS_logo 555The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) final rule on Obamacare’s individual mandate, released this week, uses the term “Shared Responsibility Payment” more than 50 times to describe the mandate’s non-compliance penalty, which the Supreme Court in 2012 defined as a tax.

The IRS also used the term “shared responsibility penalty” in the rule, which does not identify the individual mandate as a tax.

Obviously, their motivation must be called into question, since it was only by having it termed a “tax” by the Supreme Court that Obamacare was allowed to stand in the first place. And since “tax” is decidedly shorter than their spankin’ new moniker, this isn’t an attempt at brevity, either.

No, it’s just another illustration of our descent into Orwell’s “Newspeak“, where words and their meanings are changed to fit the goals of the Totalitarian State. Of course, if you’re an F.A. Hayek fan, you’ve read all of this before in his groundbreaking The Road to Serfdom:

Few traits of totalitarian regimes are at the same time so confusing to the superficial observer and yet so characteristic of the whole intellectual climate as the complete perversion of language, the change of meaning of the words by which the ideals of the new regimes are expressed.

road to serfdom 333… If one has not oneself experienced this process, it is difficult to appreciate the magnitude of this change of the meaning of words, the confusion it causes, and the barriers to any rational discussion which it creates.

It has to be seen to be understood how, if one of two brothers embraces the new faith, after a short while he appears to speak a different language which makes any real communication between them impossible.

And the confusion becomes worse because this change of meaning of words describing political ideals is not a single event but a continuous process, a technique employed consciously or unconsciously to direct the people.

Gee, that doesn’t sound too ominous… 

There are some in this country who have totally embraced a life of servitude to the State, and are eager to be directed in this way. Still others long for a society based solely on “shared responsibility”, and everything that most likely entails. But for the rest of us, blatant manipulations like these are a threat to what individual freedom even means.

Make no mistake: if this is allowed to continue, unabated, Obama will not just have succeeded in “Fundamentally transforming America”. 

Because we will no longer BE America.


6 responses to “IRS now referring to #Obamacare’s taxes as ….”Shared Responsibility Payments”??

  1. While I make no claim regarding being responsible for the phrase, I WILL continue to say it over, and over, and over again: Whoever controls the meaning of words and phrases controls the dialogue. The Left is SO adept at this, while your run-of-the-mill Republican runs and hides for fear of being labeled racist, bigot, homophobe, blah X 3…

    Even a phrase as MORONIC as “shared responsibility” SHOULD be able to be seen through even by those who make up the intellectually challenged segment (You know: the ones who actually BOUGHT IN to the empty rhetoric of “Hope and Change”?). SHARED responsibility implies ALL parties being, to some degree….responsible. I fail to see how confiscating money from the producers and GIVING it to some “victim” who does little more than simply TAKE from others for their existence (And you KNOW who they are!), has ANY element of “shared”….

    This regime is evil personified…..

  2. OH NO!!! Keep this under your hats down in the States. Our new corrupt Liberal Premier of Ontario is already using all sorts of clever phrases to bring in new taxes. “Revenue tools” “User fees” “Delivery charges” “Premiums”……for heaven’s sake! Don’t give her any new ideas!!!! 😉

  3. I have always had some sympathy for our liberal friends, for their idealism always reminded me of Churchill’s famous line about (paraphrasing) “If you aren’t a liberal at 20 you have no heart, and if you aren’t a conservative by 40 you have no head”. But over the years, liberal idealism has been corrupted by power and an ends justifies the means mentality. The failure to grasp the consequences of their policies, along with the cynical arrogance of their condescending language is truly breathtaking. Great post!

  4. Look for those pesky extra charges on your phone and other utility bills, eh?

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  6. This is Big Brother. In “1984,” the Party changed the language as a means of subduing the population. You can’t rebel if you can’t express the idea in words. I fear the same thing is happening to our society. Political correctness is not “right,” it’s a disease,

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