The Many and Varied Experiences of the Amazing #BrianWilliams…

Frankly, we didn’t intend that the first post after our lengthy hiatus would be a humorous one. But last week’s Brian Williams kerfuffle inspired a good friend of ours, and these are simply too good not to share.

The following 16 images are courtesy of the talented-yet-slightly-warped mind of Tom Dowlin, who can be reached at his Facebook page ( or by email (

And if you can come up with other ideas for “Where ELSE was Brian Williams?“, …or ANY graphic arts projects…, please feel free to drop him a line.



apollo 17


golden spike







san juan hill


nixon elvis



29 responses to “The Many and Varied Experiences of the Amazing #BrianWilliams…

  1. “Mis-remembering” is a clinical diagnosis that should NOT be made fun of under ANY circumstance. Even IF Brian Williams wishes to make a world-class BUTTHEAD out of himself, it’s all part of the disease and we should all cut him some slack…..AFTER we’re done laughing ourselves silly at Tom’s GREAT pics!

    • No question, Pgh: most DEFINITELY “after”….

      As for the pathology behind Williams’ various “fish tales”, well, …I’ll leave that to the professionals to sort out.

  2. That’s Brian Williams?
    I thought it was Woodrow Wilson without his glasses…

  3. This is absolutely HILARIOUS! Shared this to Facebook and Twitter. Good work, Tom Dowlin!

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  5. Brian Williams remember the time he was Beheaded by ISIS.

  6. Perfect! I’m going to send my good friend a link to this one. He’s a photo-shopper extraordinaire!
    I hope you all are okay.

    • Great to see you, C&H! Been too long…
      We’re around, and slowly getting back here. Aiming for new stuff about once/week, or so.

      Hope your friend likes these, partner. We certainly enjoyed ’em….. 🙂

  7. I’m gonna re-blog this one if you don’t mind! Too good to pass up!

  8. Reblogged this on Cry and Howl and commented:
    My friends over at thabto posted this and it’s too good not to share.

  9. Great, well I can accept all those pictures as very rational but I wonder about the last. Was Brian even penalized for high-schticking there?

  10. What is the 6th one down, looks like theyre testifying at a committee or something ?

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