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One of our favorites: “Cello Wars” (The Piano Guys’ brilliant #StarWars parody)

CelloWars- Piano Guys

We highlighted this waaaay back around the time it was released, but decided to give it a second showing today for a few reasons:

  1. After all this time, some folks will have forgotten about it;
  2. Countless others will not have seen it the first time around; and
  3. My two sons really, really like it…

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Bob Newhart CLASSIC: “The Driving Instructor” (1960)

Newhart - The Driving Instructor

In my humble opinion, this is still one of the all-time best comedy bits, ever.

Growing up, we kept our LPs*** stored in a new (at the time) GE Stereophonic Console in the living room, and as a kid I went through them all: Henry Mancini, Sing Along with Mitch Miller!, dozens of sundry Christmas albums, Bill Cosby, ….and Bob Newhart.

Below is probably the very first comedy routine I ever heard, and the parent album won a Grammy Award back in 1961. Yet it’s a testament to its simple brilliance that it still works perfectly 50+ years later.


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‘The Masters’ as …Mini-Golf (VIDEO)


I normally watch at least the last two rounds of The Masters most years, but was otherwise engaged last weekend and ended up missing it completely.

However, if you either (A) missed it, too, or (B) somehow couldn’t care less, the folks over at Mashable.com highlighted a gentleman named Simon Connor giving The Masters a mini-golf makeover which is, by any standard, funny and wonderfully clever.

All credit goes to Simon and Mashable for this, as well as Adam Baldwin for making us aware of it in the first place:

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Fun with Graphs…

This is a VERY old ‘fun’ post, from waaaay back when we only had about a dozen followers. And since I’ll be with my youngest son at an archery tournament all day, this is as good a day as any to re-post it. 

Have a great weekend, folks!



We’ve been hitting politics all week, and I’m calling “time-out” for the day. There’ll be time for politics tomorrow.

Instead, we thought you’d enjoy some of these graphs that we found on the site GraphJam.com (…which now appears to have been absorbed into another website?). Regardless, we thought these were pretty funny, and possess more than just a “little” truth.


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#StarTrek fans: this is for you…

StarTrek - original series 45645

Although I periodically watched ‘Star Trek‘ growing up (primarily with my father, as I recall), I was always more of a casual fan. To me, it made a nice change-of-pace from the TV westerns and cop dramas that were so prevalent in the 60’s and early 70’s.

But when I saw the cartoon (below), I couldn’t help but chuckle pretty hard. If you never watched the series, you’ll need to read this as a primer in order to get the joke. For everyone else, though, no explanation is needed.

Live Long and Prosper, y’all…

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Just for fun: Do YOU know all the U.S. Capitals?

Just For Fun

I needed a brief reprieve from all of the recent craziness, and figured you might, as well.

So we’re re-publishing a very old “fun” post of ours, which should be a nice change-of-pace AND let you see if you were truly paying attention back in Geography Class. 


Did you ever just want to have that “sense of accomplishment”?

angry-nun-with-ruler 1Well, I currently have about 137 different Number One Priorities on my “Do It Yesterday” list (none of which are even close to being completed , by the way), so I really wanted needed that “accomplished” feeling.

So I thought, “Hey, a nice, easy test will satisfy my superego“. Which it could have, except for the fact that I managed to get a couple wrong.

…..Sister Ruth and Sister Dominic (my 6th grade teachers) would NOT be happy with me right now.

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The Art of Manliness: “Do It Now!”

The video series from ‘The Art Of Manliness” is extremely clever, and seems to be attempting to bring some traditional behavior and knowledge back into vogue.

AofM -6

Starring Jordan Crowder (the brother of comedian Steven Crowder), we’ve already featured one of these last week: “How to shave like a REAL man“. The one embedded below is similar in tone, funny, and just as applicable.

Goodness knows we all have a tendency to procrastinate from time to time…

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A CLASSIC Video: “Keynes vs Hayek”, plus the behind-the-scenes interview with the writers

Barack Obama Campaigns Less Than Two Weeks Away From Election DayI’ve wanted to do this post for at least a year.

And yet, some more pressing topic always seemed to push it onto the back-burner. But with President Obama’s running around the countryside, talking up his latest Economic Recovery plan (which I assume is a recovery from his PREVIOUS Economic Plans), this finally made its way to the front of the line.

But first we need to set the table a bit, so you’ll need to read this post from Erika over at HotAir.com. To give you a hint as to its overall tone, here’s just the first sentence which she includes from a letter by the editors of the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

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