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Bob Newhart CLASSIC: “The Driving Instructor” (1960)

Newhart - The Driving Instructor

In my humble opinion, this is still one of the all-time best comedy bits, ever.

Growing up, we kept our LPs*** stored in a new (at the time) GE Stereophonic Console in the living room, and as a kid I went through them all: Henry Mancini, Sing Along with Mitch Miller!, dozens of sundry Christmas albums, Bill Cosby, ….and Bob Newhart.

Below is probably the very first comedy routine I ever heard, and the parent album won a Grammy Award back in 1961. Yet it’s a testament to its simple brilliance that it still works perfectly 50+ years later.


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Time to Laugh

It’s the weekend, and we’re just tryin’ to relax.

…Emphasis on “try“, of course…

So today we have two routines from one of my favorites, Bob Newhart. I don’t recall either of these, so we must not have owned this particular album as kids. Too bad: they made my boys laugh, so it’s a good bet we’d have liked them at that age, too.

Have a great day, gang,



CLASSIC: “Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Avenue”

Another of my favorites from Bob Newhart.

Just like most of his humor, this is still just as pertinent now as it was then. Consider this was back in 1960, too. The man is seriously under-appreciated.

Turn up the volume and enjoy.


CLASSIC – “The Grace L. Ferguson Airline”

It’s a holiday weekend, and folks are busy. So, I’m gonna keep most of the political stuff to a minimum.

OK, I maaaay put up one. Sue me.

But for now just relax, turn the volume up, and listen to another classic from Bob Newhart. As I have previously noted, these two albums were the first such records (yes, records, as in vinyl) that I ever heard and they remain my favorites to this day.
The humor is also absent any swearing, and good luck finding that on a comedy album today.



CLASSIC: “The Driving Instructor”

Mom and Dad had our records stored in the old GE Stereophonic Console in the living room, and as a kid I went through them all. Henry Mancini, Sing Along with Mitch Miller!, at least 50 various & sundry Christmas albums, ….and Bob Newhart. This classic Newhart bit may have been the first comedy routine that I ever heard, and it’s still one of my favorites.

It’s Saturday, and I could use a good laugh. Hope you can, too.