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One of our favorites: “Cello Wars” (The Piano Guys’ brilliant #StarWars parody)

CelloWars- Piano Guys

We highlighted this waaaay back around the time it was released, but decided to give it a second showing today for a few reasons:

  1. After all this time, some folks will have forgotten about it;
  2. Countless others will not have seen it the first time around; and
  3. My two sons really, really like it…

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Three Reasons Why #Benghazi Matters — (VIDEO)

President Obama Speaks On The Death Of US Ambassador In Libya Christopher Stevens

It’s been almost exactly one year since this video (attached below) was released, and little has changed since then:

  • The White House continues to stall, …and lie. Especially lie.
  • The Democrats are still ridiculing any attempts to get answers.
  • And the Press is still largely uninterested …which I can only assume is due to it not reflecting poorly on a Republican Administration.

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An Obamacare/#Shutdown video metaphor??

question 444

You could consider the following video as a metaphor for all of the political preening and posturing currently taking place in Washington, DC. Actually, there are any number of ways to look at it:

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Brilliant: “Remy’s #Obamacare Video Contest song”

I was actually wondering if ReasonTV’s Remy would come up with something for this contest, as it seemed tailor-made for his musical talents.

And he did not disappoint:

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Second City Network: Help Kickstart World War III

I’ve always said that once people (other than crazy, right-wing, baby-eating extremists like ME, I mean) feel comfortable making fun of the President, it’s all over for him: THAT is a “Red Line” from which there IS no escape.

Well, guess what? That day is here….

T.B Rickert's Call

The improvisation group Second City Network, created this video of Obama supporters who are all in for the latest war, just because their guy says so. ENJOY!

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An #Obamacare triple-feature: Cavuto, Whittle, and Krauthammer

In light of the news from last week (“The President Changes the Rules, again, to protect Congress and its staff from Obamacare), and keeping in mind the newest effort to defund this horrific law, each of these clips are a must-see. 


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A CLASSIC Video: “Keynes vs Hayek”, plus the behind-the-scenes interview with the writers

Barack Obama Campaigns Less Than Two Weeks Away From Election DayI’ve wanted to do this post for at least a year.

And yet, some more pressing topic always seemed to push it onto the back-burner. But with President Obama’s running around the countryside, talking up his latest Economic Recovery plan (which I assume is a recovery from his PREVIOUS Economic Plans), this finally made its way to the front of the line.

But first we need to set the table a bit, so you’ll need to read this post from Erika over at HotAir.com. To give you a hint as to its overall tone, here’s just the first sentence which she includes from a letter by the editors of the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

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Dr. Benjamin Carson on Healthcare, God, and Politics (*VIDEO*)

dr benjamin carsonI could listen to this guy all day.

World-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson has become practically a folk-hero, all due to his stirring speech during this year’s National Prayer Breakfast.

He’s been appearing everywhere from TV to Twitter ever since. No wonder: he’s intelligent, charismatic and remarkably plain-spoken… a combination that’s in short supply today.

No one knows yet what his future holds (and Dr. Carson isn’t saying, either), but until he decides, I hope he keeps giving  interviews like the one below: 

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