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Steven Crowder vs. Eric #Holder (VIDEO)

An excellent video (below) from comedian Steven Crowder: it’s imaginative, funny, … but more than a little troubling. Primarily ’cause it’s true, or true enough. Why IS Holder still running our Department of Justice, instead of experiencing the hospitality of … Continue reading

New, unedited video of Unions’ assault on Steven Crowder. Will we see this on the Nightly Newscasts NOW?

Remember the “Peaceful Unions” who demonstrated their peace-loving peacefulness up in Michigan by cracking a political opponent in the face? Do you also recall NOT seeing this reported on the Nightly News? Well, that’s ’cause the Media had to come … Continue reading

A lesson in Labor: “Superman Joins A Union” (via @SCrowder)

For many of us, Labor Day signals the unofficial end to summer, while for others it’s just another 3-day weekend. But its history is an acknowledgement and celebration of our working men and women in the United States. And yet the holiday … Continue reading

The Art of Manliness: “Do It Now!”

The video series from ‘The Art Of Manliness” is extremely clever, and seems to be attempting to bring some traditional behavior and knowledge back into vogue. Starring Jordan Crowder (the brother of comedian Steven Crowder), we’ve already featured one of these … Continue reading

How the Media covers a story: #Benghazi vs. Valerie Plame and Abu Ghraib

The Media has been doing a masterful job of avoiding any-and-all discussions about Benghazi since the day after it happened, and it’s a job they are largely continuing. However, in the rare instances that Benghazi does get mentioned, the comparison … Continue reading

Unions doing what Unions do… (video)

If you aren’t a regular visitor here and thus don’t already know my opinion of most Unions, it’s pretty simple: I don’t like ’em. Of course, even if you aren’t predisposed against the modern-day Labor movement, this year’s shenanigans up in … Continue reading