A lesson in Labor: “Superman Joins A Union” (via @SCrowder)

For many of us, Labor Day signals the unofficial end to summer, while for others it’s just another 3-day weekend. But its history is an acknowledgement and celebration of our working men and women in the United States.

And yet the holiday is often portrayed as specifically for Labor Unions, which really doesn’t make sense nowadays, if it ever did. Back in the 1950’s (when over a third of the nation’s workers were unionized) it was at least arguable. But now? That number has dwindled to roughly only 12% of all workers, …and falling. And if we take out Public Sector unions, it drops to around 6%.

A variety of reasons have contributed to this, but the primary culprit is inescapable: Union Leadership itself.

Crowder - Union - Superman 6

And to illustrate what I mean (or just for its sheer entertainment value), please take a moment to enjoy the following clip from one of our favorite guys, Steven Crowder.


6 responses to “A lesson in Labor: “Superman Joins A Union” (via @SCrowder)

  1. LOL oh that is classic, looks like I have a new follow on twitter.

    • Oh, yeah: Crowder is a must follow, Slayer.

      BTW: by my calculations, you’ve ALSO gained roughly 200 or so folks, just in the time that I’VE been following you.
      You’re doin’ something right, partner.

      • I honestly hate public media. That being said it is a great tool to bring us together as conservatives and also a way to spread the Gospel and patriotic views. Keep spreading the word let’s TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK .

  2. Today would also be a great day for all young people to watch Ashton Kutcher’s recent talk about “work” and “jobs”…..

    PS: LOVE the Superman clip!!!

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