How the Media covers a story: #Benghazi vs. Valerie Plame and Abu Ghraib

benghazi-11The Media has been doing a masterful job of avoiding any-and-all discussions about Benghazi since the day after it happened, and it’s a job they are largely continuing.

However, in the rare instances that Benghazi does get mentioned, the comparison to Watergate is often made. Many on the Right have long made this connection, and just as many on the Left repeatedly call such comparisons ridiculous.

Personally, I think that comparison is imperfect, for a couple of reasons. First, the Press will never allow it to stand, since for many of them Watergate has been elevated to a sacred religious experience, to be celebrated and revered. Thus, they react to its being compared to other scandals in much the same way an Islamist does if you draw a cartoon of Mohammed, …minus the rusty scimitar and poor grooming habits.

Additionally, Watergate was a different era, and much has changed since then. That was back before the internet, iPads, and smartphones. With greater access to news, we no longer have the same level of trust in the news media that we did back then.

media 1

No, no, …the better comparison is between Benghazi and Abu Ghraib, or between Benghazi and Valerie Plame.

Both of these instances occurred within the last decade, and are/were largely being covered by the very same “reporters”.

Were you to mention EITHER of those scandals to almost anyone today, you’ll still have a pretty solid chance that person will know exactly what you’re talking about. Why? Because the stories were above-the-fold headlines and led nightly broadcasts for months. They were trumpeted, flogged, screamed about and stuffed into our face relentlessly.

Mention “Benghazi” to those same individuals, and you’re likely to elicit blank stares.


Steven Crowder and Andrew Klavan do a masterful job of illustrating my point in the following clip:

“…I don’t know WHO HE IS…”??? Ouch…

Welcome to the Low-Information Voter: the College Years.


Any objective reading of a story which combines horrific American deaths, a deliberate misinformation campaign, wrongful imprisonment, and an Executive Branch-level cover-up, would conclude that to be pretty darn ‘news worthy’. It is certainly as deserving as either of the two previous, multi-front-page scandals which so fascinated our Fourth Estate for so long.

The only essential difference between the Press’ coverage then and now was the President had an R after his name back then, and this one has a D.

So, is this another Watergate? No.

This level of treachery is substantially worse.

13 responses to “How the Media covers a story: #Benghazi vs. Valerie Plame and Abu Ghraib

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I was having this conversation just yesterday with a left-leaning colleague. Specifically, I DID draw the comparison between Benghazi and Watergate.

    I was told that the difference wasn’t the “cover up”, rather it was that Nixon covered up a “crime”. To which I replied: “And HOW MANY died in Watergate?”. Their response was amazing: “Well, …whatever! Watergate was covering up criminal activity, while Benghazi is just Obama covering up for inept foreign policy!”

    I don’t think it’s “whatever” to the families of the 4 dead Americans. In fact, IMHO, the debacle that WAS the handling of the Benghazi attacks, at the time they were happening, IS criminal.

    BTW, and just for the record: More people have died in Ted Kennedy’s car than in Watergate.

    Watergate: 0
    Teddy: 1
    Benghazi: 4

    • Yeah, the comparison is there, but since they are so incapable of honestly addressing it, that’s why I decided to adjust the contrast to something much more recent.

      I have yet to find ANY logical, rational argument for marginalizing Benghazi, yet heralding Abu Ghraib or Valerie Plame.

      I’m still open to the argument, though. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller…?

      • livinrightinpgh

        Because they (the MSM) have done such a BETTER job with the Plame or Abu Ghraib incidents??? LOL! (Pardon the sarcasm, my brother!)

        It must really suck to be part of the MSM and KNOW that you’re nothing more than a “tool” (yeah….BOTH meanings) for this regime and every other Dem over the last 50 years….But, as you often point out, it’s that group of citizens, previously swayed by their inept reporting, whose heart and minds are now seeing the pure hypocrisy of the MSM now.

        One at a time, bro… at a time.

  2. Ben Ghazi…. Isn’t he related to Les Habs?
    Shout out to Robo!

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Whoa! “Random act of journalism” ALERT!

    ABC News just released a huge story on the Benghazi “talking points” having been changed 12 times prior to Rice’s appearances on the 5 news shows!

    From the article: “White House emails reviewed by ABC News suggest the edits were made with extensive input from the State Department. The edits included requests from the State Department that references to the Al Qaeda-affiliated group Ansar al-Sharia be deleted as well references to CIA warnings about terrorist threats in Benghazi in the months preceding the attack.”

    C’mon, NBC and MSNBC! We’re waiting for your report!

    To see the article:

  4. This is our biggest problem. Low information voters. It’s like a loaded shotgun in the hands of a 2 year old. Very dangerous.
    And right on, JTR.

    Love the Crowder/Klavan vid.

    • Thanks, tannngl…
      The scarier aspect of this? These are 2-year-olds who can vote.

      And we wonder how an abysmal failure like BHO can get elected twice? THIS would be how…

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