Steven Crowder vs. Eric #Holder (VIDEO)

CrowderAn excellent video (below) from comedian Steven Crowder: it’s imaginative, funny, … but more than a little troubling.

Primarily ’cause it’s true, or true enough.

Why IS Holder still running our Department of Justice, instead of experiencing the hospitality of our maximum-security prison system?? That we can even ask the question gives away the answer: lawlessness abounds in this Administration, with weaselly Eric Holder apparently running point.

And Crowder’s video notwithstanding, THAT’s not funny at all:

3 responses to “Steven Crowder vs. Eric #Holder (VIDEO)

  1. Very funny! The boys and I really like this one.

  2. Like Lois Lerner, they will all just refuse to leave…

    • I’m inclined to agree with you, Hatfield.

      When the law controls the villainy, you end up with something akin to the town in ‘The Quick and the Dead’…

      Which, by the way, COULD end up being an allegory for our nation…

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