Unions doing what Unions do… (video)

If you aren’t a regular visitor here and thus don’t already know my opinion of most Unions, it’s pretty simple: I don’t like ’em. Of course, even if you aren’t predisposed against the modern-day Labor movement, this year’s shenanigans up in Wisconsin should have brought you up to speed.

So, when I heard about a Union “confrontation” during a protest in Michigan and its becoming a Right-to-work state (courtesy of PJTV’s Steven Crowder), I already had a pretty good idea of just what it’d look like.

*Caution*: video has language that is definitely NSFW. It’s been ‘bleeped’ out, but, well, you know…

Awww… aren’t the Unions just warm and cuddly? Don’t they fill you with pride, if you are a member? What? No?? Well that’s too bad, ’cause this is where the Union movement is nowadays: scream, curse, bully, and intimidate. And if you dare challenge their ideology, be prepared to be attacked…literally, it seems.

Unions: they’re here to help.

Detroit Unions

If you missed it, the big man himself weighed in on this, wildly spinning this occurring in Michigan (Michigan, fer’ petes sake!) as a ‘political’ issue, rather than an economic one.

How is being free to NOT join a Union as a condition of your employment more political than economic? Easy: it’s not.

Ed over at HotAir summed it up nicely:

“Actually, the Michigan (currently Republican-controlled) legislature and executive’s perfectly democratic & legal decision to join the ranks of right-to-work states was nothing but an economic decision.

States that don’t force employees to pay a portion of their income to union dues are more competitive in attracting jobs, and the net economic benefits mean that incomes effectually rise across the board.”



Listen, if you WANT to join a Union, go ahead. No one is trying to prevent you joining any Union that you wish. But isn’t restricting someone’s ability to do otherwise limiting freedom? And based on how the Unions have behaved recently, why would ANY employer be anxious to have to deal with one on a daily basis?

We have a number of issues which are crippling our economy right now, and worldwide competitiveness is certainly one of them. Artificially raising wages via Unions is most certainly not a way to make us more competitive.

And it’s scenes like the one above which only help to further deter companies from starting businesses where a Union is even a remote possibility.

5 responses to “Unions doing what Unions do… (video)

  1. Pretty much sums up how I feel about unions.

    I grew up in MD which is a pretty strong union state, and have relatives who are big into their union. However, I think that one should have the freedom to join or not join a union…and union membership should not be a prerequisite for employment.

    Sad part is how it always devolves into violence with unions…and I doubt if there will be any objective coverage of this event anywhere outside of FNC.

  2. My dad worked at Westinghouse Electric. He was of course a union member. Fact of life in our home.
    BUT! When I became a nurse manager for a unit, psychiatric unit, we had 2 union drives in our hospital. One was 1199. The employees voted “No”. The second was by the Teamsters. One of my single nurses’ aides who lived in an apartment and had a little child was visited by 3 Teamsters members. Men. They told her she had better vote “Yes” or they knew where she lived.

    Began talking to my dad about unions.

    Ergo, his opinion and mine have turned upside-down. Unions are big business. The money they ‘make’ by union dues goes to Democrats in our state to get them elected and the elected Democrats give more power to the unions in the legislature. And more money goes to the Democrats…
    They are all bullies, Marxists and if they individually existed in the USSR years ago they might understand their own evil nature.

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