The Art of Manliness: “Do It Now!”

The video series from ‘The Art Of Manliness” is extremely clever, and seems to be attempting to bring some traditional behavior and knowledge back into vogue.

AofM -6

Starring Jordan Crowder (the brother of comedian Steven Crowder), we’ve already featured one of these last week: “How to shave like a REAL man“. The one embedded below is similar in tone, funny, and just as applicable.

Goodness knows we all have a tendency to procrastinate from time to time…

To be sure, this one is more about being mature than simply “manly”. And yet, in an age rife with unwed mothers and men who’d prefer to be unemployed to having an actual job, a large part of our male population could certainly stand an immediate infusion of “manliness”.

11 responses to “The Art of Manliness: “Do It Now!”

  1. Gee, looks like the men in my house. So glad it’s a man telling Bill what to do! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love it! And Mom would approve.

    • I can definitely see her hand in almost ALL of that clip.

      Pick up your things!”; “Are you just going to leave that there for someone ELSE to put away?”; “You’re going to need something to wear tomorrow, aren’t you?

      Oh, yeah: she could have been the moderator….


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