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CNN whines about Fox’s imbalanced coverage, …then rants about #Bridgegate and Christie

cnn 3

I watch CNN only occasionally, but had to laugh this weekend over a pair of segments they aired on Sunday. It was a classic example of unintentional irony, courtesy of our Media ‘betters’.

Brian Stelter has been a CNN host since late last year, having previously worked as a New York Times media reporter. But he’s apparently brought quite a bit of that paper’s famous “perspective” with him to his current gig.

Check out this initial news segment where Stelter finds fault with how Fox News covers the President these days. The essential part is roughly the first 5 minutes, until they start discussing Piers Morgan:

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Experts reach Consensus on planned Peace Talks with the Taliban: Yeah, that’s a pretty dumb idea

1 ObamaBack in 2009, President Obama included the following statement in an interview with Al-Arabiya

“My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy”.

Ummm, okay, but that was always a glaring oversimplification. Left unsaid was that we should probably differentiate between the Muslim world in general, and specifically radical Islamists (such as the Taliban), seeing as how the latter consider themselves to be OUR historic enemies, and plan on remaining so until long after we’re all dead.

For a man who prides himself on ‘nuance’, failing to make such a distinction called into question Obama’s basic competence for this job.

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Steven Crowder vs. Eric #Holder (VIDEO)

CrowderAn excellent video (below) from comedian Steven Crowder: it’s imaginative, funny, … but more than a little troubling.

Primarily ’cause it’s true, or true enough.

Why IS Holder still running our Department of Justice, instead of experiencing the hospitality of our maximum-security prison system?? That we can even ask the question gives away the answer: lawlessness abounds in this Administration, with weaselly Eric Holder apparently running point.

And Crowder’s video notwithstanding, THAT’s not funny at all:

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Perfectly said: “Eric Holder has been a disastrous Attorney General for a REALLY long time…”

Holder, will you please go now 444

A year ago I wrote:

“Holder was the one responsible for the Marc Rich pardons, and it was his Justice Department that dropped the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party back in 2009. Holder also had the bright idea of trying terrorists in criminal court, an idea which thankfully was blown up by Lindsey Graham, of all people. But that isn’t why he needs to go (at least, that’s not all of it).

No, his refusal to adequately explain his knowledge and involvement in Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ is why Holder is guilty of at LEAST contempt, and why it’s long past time for him to leave.”

I was 1000% right then, …and I’m even more right now: Eric Holder deserves to be fired and perp-walked down the steps to a waiting paddy wagon.

Yesterday woulda’ been nice….

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Once upon a time, Gov’t worked to DESTROY the Mafia. Now, they ARE the Mafia…

mobster-thug“Gee, you’se got a nice place here….  Be a shame if sumthin’ happened to it”.

These words probably conjure up an image of a Mafia goon with an oft-broken nose, replete in an Italian suit. We’ve all seen Protection Racket schemes on TV, movies and/or in real life: bad guys doing bad things to good people.

It’s all part of the basic Mafia shakedown. As a safeguard, the Sicilian Mob’s code of silence (“omerta“) was employed to protect the Capos and Bosses from the criminal activities of those below them in their organizations. No one was to speak of any illicit activities, whether or not they had anything to do with them. In that way, the heads of “The Family” could maintain an air of plausible deniability, since nothing could ever be traced back to them.

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The Benghazi Talking Points, part 2: (VIDEO)

We normally don’t insist on stuff like this, but today’s the exception: if you didn’t read the previous post on these Benghazi talking points, you really, really need to.


Why? Basically, this finally answers the question that the Left USED TO ask: “WHAT did the White House know, and WHEN did they know it”?

It turns out that they knew quite a bit, they knew it immediately, …and they’ve been lying to our faces about it from Day One.

President Obama Speaks On The Death Of US Ambassador In Libya Christopher Stevens

This is an important revelation, and all credit goes to The Weekly Standard here. Their report includes far more detail than any video clip can summarize in four minutes, but Fox’s coverage below makes for a great follow-up to The Standard’s findings. 

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Dr. Benjamin Carson on Healthcare, God, and Politics (*VIDEO*)

dr benjamin carsonI could listen to this guy all day.

World-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson has become practically a folk-hero, all due to his stirring speech during this year’s National Prayer Breakfast.

He’s been appearing everywhere from TV to Twitter ever since. No wonder: he’s intelligent, charismatic and remarkably plain-spoken… a combination that’s in short supply today.

No one knows yet what his future holds (and Dr. Carson isn’t saying, either), but until he decides, I hope he keeps giving  interviews like the one below: 

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(VIDEO) – Networks somehow can’t find the time, so Fox News does their job for them

I’m glad that we only have to (God willing) put up with this guy in the White House for a little while longer, ’cause I don’t think I could handle another four years.

More and more, our Media sounds like a thousand cats-in-heat on your back porch: high-pitched, annoying and more than a little unsettling. They are systematically steamrolling any negative news for President Precious, while they continue to push that day’s narrative regardless of how provably false it may be.

Over the weekend, the best example of this came from George Stephanopoulos on his ABC Sunday show, as he asked this question during a discussion on Benghazi:

“Hasn’t the White House been relatively transparent?”

I saw that quote and thought, “Naaahh… can’t be”. So, I looked it up: the transcript is HERE.

He was serious. Stephanopoulos was defending Obama’s complete two-week sock-puppet show on Benghazi and the video by saying…that the Administration had been “relatively transparent”. George wasn’t just asking it rhetorically; he wasn’t trying to play Devil’s Advocate to make a point.

I repeat: He. Was. Serious.

Given all of the facts which have already come to light on Benghazi, I find that question stunning. Are we to believe that he has simply taken the White House’s newest claims, which fly directly in the face of ALL the facts, and decided,  “yeah, that sounds about right”?

I’ve seen more intellectual curiosity from my neighbor’s Yorkshire Terrier.

This is why I find it so laughable that Fox News is reviled by the Left for the high crime & misdemeanor of not being another outpost of DNC “Newspeak”. It’s like controlling almost the entire Monopoly board, and being miffed that you can’t get your mitts on Baltic Avenue, too.

Speaking of Newspeak, I was flipping through my copy of ‘1984‘ the other day, and I read a term which I’d forgotten. See if this parallels Mr. Stephanopoulos’s example above:

blackwhite– The ability to accept whatever “truth” the party puts out, no matter how absurd it may be. Orwell described it as “…loyal willingness to say black is white when party discipline demands this. It also means the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know black is white, and forget that one has ever believed the contrary.”

I’d say that’s fairly accurate.

So, in the interest of further infuriating the Fox News haters, please allow me to share with you a special that was on over the weekend, hosted by Fox’s Bret Baier. It covers the entire Benghazi travesty and eventual charade, with tons of back-story details, most of which I’d not heard or seen yet.

It is troubling; it’s frightening; …and it’s the truth.

(**Thanks to AceOfSpadesHQ for the heads-up on this**)


The entire show is 41 minutes, but at least watch the first 10. You haven’t seen any of this anywhere else, I assure you.

Final question: if lil’ old Fox News can find this info, and do such a thorough job providing context, history, and multitudinous facts surrounding a terrorist attack which cost us 4 American lives and has emboldened our enemies, …why haven’t the bigger, better funded, network news organizations been able to do so?

Of course, you already know the answer to that one.