New, unedited video of Unions’ assault on Steven Crowder. Will we see this on the Nightly Newscasts NOW?

Remember the “Peaceful Unions” who demonstrated their peace-loving peacefulness up in Michigan by cracking a political opponent in the face?


Do you also recall NOT seeing this reported on the Nightly News?

Well, that’s ’cause the Media had to come up with some reason to not air it, since it made their side (Liberal Democrat cronies, aka Unions) look bad.

Ed over at Hotair says it perfectly:

“After the video of the attack first appeared, Steven’s critics insisted that he had edited the videotape to either make the union protesters look bad or hide evidence of his own provocative behavior. 

In response, Steven has released all of his raw video footage of the protests that day.

Res ipsa loquitur“:

Okay, I’ll wait here patiently for ABC, CBS, and NBC to lead off their telecasts tonight with this.

Waiting, ….. waiting, ……

2 responses to “New, unedited video of Unions’ assault on Steven Crowder. Will we see this on the Nightly Newscasts NOW?

  1. Better get some food and a sleeping bag. You’ll have a long long wait.

    Lefties have been tweeting horrible tweets to Steven, threats as well. It doesn’t pay to be kind to these people. They said really horrible things to him. And tried to insinuate the man who slugged him was a senior citizen Steven was harrassing. Sheesh!

  2. You’re right. Distortion and ommision are the two main techniques of the left-biased mass media establishment. This bias has been pointed out so many times, it’s obvious that they just don’t care…I think because they know if they just stay silent on the matter then it keeps the gullible “sheeple” unaware that there’s even a question about journalistic objectivity, because they never question anything they hear from electronic media anyway. They simply buy into it, no questions asked.

    Coincidentally, I just posted an article about the stranglehold that the mass media establishment has on public discourse, in case you’re interested.

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