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Just for fun: Do YOU know all the U.S. Capitals?

Just For Fun

I needed a brief reprieve from all of the recent craziness, and figured you might, as well.

So we’re re-publishing a very old “fun” post of ours, which should be a nice change-of-pace AND let you see if you were truly paying attention back in Geography Class. 


Did you ever just want to have that “sense of accomplishment”?

angry-nun-with-ruler 1Well, I currently have about 137 different Number One Priorities on my “Do It Yesterday” list (none of which are even close to being completed , by the way), so I really wanted needed that “accomplished” feeling.

So I thought, “Hey, a nice, easy test will satisfy my superego“. Which it could have, except for the fact that I managed to get a couple wrong.

…..Sister Ruth and Sister Dominic (my 6th grade teachers) would NOT be happy with me right now.

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