#StarTrek fans: this is for you…

StarTrek - original series 45645

Although I periodically watched ‘Star Trek‘ growing up (primarily with my father, as I recall), I was always more of a casual fan. To me, it made a nice change-of-pace from the TV westerns and cop dramas that were so prevalent in the 60’s and early 70’s.

But when I saw the cartoon (below), I couldn’t help but chuckle pretty hard. If you never watched the series, you’ll need to read this as a primer in order to get the joke. For everyone else, though, no explanation is needed.

Live Long and Prosper, y’all…

Ster trek diaper

(Click for full-size image)

13 responses to “#StarTrek fans: this is for you…

  1. lol Yeah. That’s for the best.

  2. I have never been much of a trekie but, that’s funny.

  3. Awesome! The redshirts seemingly never had names in the show, and every time they were about to beam down to the planet surface, we’d be hollering “DON’T GO!!!” LOL,

    They actual did a nice homage to the redshirts with the character “Guy” in “Galaxy Quest”…..

    Ok, now it’s back to “The trouble with tribbles”….

  4. Thank you for the link to explain the joke (did you do that just for me?)…it was funny, and I feel so much more culturally savvy now!

  5. That provided a much needed laugh.

  6. I think we’re all Trekies now.

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