Just for fun: “How to Shave Like a REAL Man”…

Gillette Safety RAzor Ad 5Personal disclosure: I’ve used a safety razor, the mug, the brush, etc.,.. and honestly, I’m just too lazy to go through that every day. Give me two minutes and my trusty Philips Norelco Cool Skin razor, any day.

BUT, I will readily admit: (A) this method does, indeed, provide a wonderfully close shave, and (B) that there is a certain aesthetic satisfaction that comes with doing it this way.

What say you?

23 responses to “Just for fun: “How to Shave Like a REAL Man”…

  1. WAY too involved!

    Get yourself a fog-free mirror and put it in the shower. Turn up the hot water, use a mild soap to “lather up”, and let the shaving begin! Finish with an alcohol free aloe (unless you WANT to smell like Old Spice), and you’re good to go! You’ll NEVER get those irritating razor bumps.

    And then…..for my facial beard, I……………..

  2. I used to shave the same way, until I decided I preferred the extra sleep in the morning. Now these six ultra-fine blade razors give almost as close of a shave. It’s probable a good thing I stopped using the safety razor before Obama took office, we already know the damage I do to myself, without a sharp object in my hand.

    Fun post, thanks for doing it!

  3. Ok I had to weigh in on this one. I love using my straight razor. It isn’t really that involved if you know what you are doing. And the shave it gives you is great. Granted I don’t shave everyday, but I think it is like anything else if it is part of your routine it won’t really take much longer than a regular razor. In my opinion it has a steep learning curve but it is very enjoyable!

  4. Oh and if anyone is interested in straight razor shaving I suggest this link lots of info and help. http://straightrazorplace.com/beginners/
    And glad you like the Gravatar I do too lol.

  5. Great post bro! This is how I do the job most of the time. Granted, I only shave around the edges of a full beard. Inspired to get out the straight razors again. And if you REALLY want to get tough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWSTE6WLB0Y

    • I posted this with YOU explicitly in mind, sir!

      Since you were the one who gave me my first (and only) shaving brush, cup and soap…, I kinda figured you’d appreciate it!

      Oh, and I watched that video: that guy is crazy.
      I don’t care HOW experienced you are, shaving that way is nuts…

  6. Well, I let the barber shave my neck under my beard about every three months or so…whenever my mustache hairs start interfering with eating, IYKWIM.

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