Bob Newhart CLASSIC: “The Driving Instructor” (1960)

Newhart - The Driving Instructor

In my humble opinion, this is still one of the all-time best comedy bits, ever.

Growing up, we kept our LPs*** stored in a new (at the time) GE Stereophonic Console in the living room, and as a kid I went through them all: Henry Mancini, Sing Along with Mitch Miller!, dozens of sundry Christmas albums, Bill Cosby, ….and Bob Newhart.

Below is probably the very first comedy routine I ever heard, and the parent album won a Grammy Award back in 1961. Yet it’s a testament to its simple brilliance that it still works perfectly 50+ years later.


(***For everyone born AFTER 1985:  an “LP” was a long-playing record. Oh, and a “record” was kinda like a CD, only bigger and a tad more temperamental.

Of course, in another ten years, I’ll probably need to explain what a “CD” is, too)

6 responses to “Bob Newhart CLASSIC: “The Driving Instructor” (1960)

  1. livinrightinpgh

    A TRUE classic! Thanks for the laugh, today.

    After listening for the last week or so to Obama talking about his “foreign policy” (Thanks for that, Mr. POTUS. It’s nice to see you verbalize a strategy 5.5 years into your term in office.), his dogged clinging to screwing up the economy under the guise of AGW mania, and topped off with the DISASTER of releasing 5 of the most heinous Al Queda detainees from Guantanamo in exchange for a US soldier that MAY have been AWOL…. AFTER ALL OF THAT, I needed a laugh.

    Thanks, buddy!

  2. Great bit, I love Bob Newheart. His sense of humor was so dry and deadpan, almost as if he wasn’t trying to be funny yet was hysterical.

    The only thing close since classic Newheart was Frasier.

    • Agreed: Frasier was excellent.

      But Newhart was the best, even better than the king of deadpan, Jack Benny.

      I’ll put up a couple more in the next week or two: “The Grace L. Ferguson Airline and Stormdoor Company” is another gem that I memorized when I was no older than six.

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