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A new low: Chris Matthews compares the #GOP to Kim Jong-un executing his uncle

In the midst of the Great Obamacare Collapse, the media and Democrats (I know, I know: “they’re the same thing”…) are both desperately searching for ANYTHING with which to distract the American public. 

And right on cue, the always-dependable Chris Matthews has been trying his darndest to answer the call.

Chris’ basic shtick is to rapidly hurl insults at the Right in his permanently semi-inebriated state, night after night. But since that’s even more annoyingly repetitive than it sounds, he seems to have stepped up his game by going for bigger and bolder lies, replete with more despicable invective.

How else to explain how he went from comparing the Republicans to Apartheid-era South Africa last week, to THIS:

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AlfonZo Rachel: How to TRULY help the Black Community

AlfonZo Rachel 787‘Zo has been a favorite of ours here since we saw this short clip from him many years ago. And although we’ve also linked and shared several of his subsequent videos, his latest (below) is as good as any of them.

Black conservatives like AlfonZo, as well as Dr. Ben Carson, Mia Love, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Francesca Chambers, Shelby Steele, E.W. Jackson, Herman Cain, Tim Scott, Walter E. Williams, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West and many others, have shown that embracing conservative principles is not a black/white thing: it’s an AMERICAN thing.

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When did “To disagree with” someone become “HATE”??

In light of the hullabaloo over Indiana’s RFRA law and the rise of the “Tolerance Police” at our nation’s universities, this post is (sadly) topical once again.

Not much has changed in the last coupla years, has it….?




I’m confused.

When, exactly, did the mere act of not enthusiastically embracing an idea, thought, or ideology become synonymous with “Hate”?

Notice the utter lack of actual logical consistency here. The accusations are hurled as if inarguable facts, but they make no more sense than saying “If you don’t think Catcher In The Rye is a particularly well-written book, then you ‘hate’ literature”.

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Salt. Tobacco. Toilets. Guns. Soda. Light bulbs. And now….Macaroni and Cheese??

2-9-2015: In light of the First Lady coming out today as stridently anti-Mac-&-Cheese, this post from back in 2013 is (sadly) more prescient than I’d like



Don’t these people ever sleep?

Even as Mayor Bloomberg’s attempted Soda ban was failing in court, a new Nanny-ish attempt at rescinding some of our most simple pleasures is in the news: Mac & Cheese.

Don’t let its innocent looks fool you: it’s a little, blue Box O’ Death.


“Weapon of Mac Destruction”

From the Metro.us:

Vani Hari and Lisa Leake launched a Change.org petition on Tuesday, which has already collected more than 50,000 signatures, calling on Kraft Foods to remove artificial dyes Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 from Macaroni and Cheese products.

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DUMB & DUMBER: Colorado legislators Ulaberri and Salazar offer “alternatives” to having a gun.

Anytime that someone says the Left is so good at messaging, I laugh. They’re even more hapless than the GOP can sometimes be. The difference is that when the Left says something dumb, their media friends don’t repeat it. Ever.

And as if by request, the Rocky Mountain state decided to give us TWO examples which will never, ever appear on the NBC Nightly News. Here’s the first one:

Yes!! You don’t require a gun, because if someone tries to hurt you, you always have the option of whipping out your trusty PaperMate® pen to fend off your attacker.

Maybe Democratic State Senator Ulaberri thinks that’s what they meant in the old westerns when someone said “Draw”…?


And as bad as that was, this next one is possibly even worse.  

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The Fiscal Cliff is Dead; long live the Fiscal Cliff!!

Ahhhh, ‘Change’….

It seems that the new “Normal” in the age of Obama consists not only of chronically high Unemployment, +$1 Trillion annual deficits, and criticism of even his cabinet members being labeled out-of-bounds, but now will also include the omnipresent fear of the next Fiscal Cliff:

sheeple - fiscal-cliff-cartoon-sheep

Wait a sec: we can’t even get through 2 days after the 1st “Fiscal Cliff” is allegedly settled, and the Left is already signalling that they’re just getting warmed up?

And yet logically, shouldn’t all the Lefties, and certainly President Obama, be …happy right now? Contented, even? Just a little?

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Economics for Dummies…and Liberals

A classic post on the idiocy of our current economic policy, as seen through the eyes of a businessman.

Oh No Dollar

Our thanks to blogger UTAH over at ‘The Rio Norte Line‘ for the loan…

The Rio Norte Line

Originally posted on October 22, 2011 but re-posted in honor of the fiscal cliff. Still true and the math is just this simple.

People say that government can’t be run like a business. I guess that depends on what the true objectives are. Businesses can’t chase every opportunity or customer and they can’t provide every service or product or they will fail. When viewed in this light, business does have a lot in common with government. I think that is why the Founders gave us the Declaration and the Constitution (and made it changeable, but after a long and thoughtful process). If I look at the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, I would compare them to a business’ statement of core values (the Declaration) and a mission statement (the Constitution).

Sort of like the old analogy, “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a…

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