The Lunacy of Banning “Bossy”

Wicked Witch - Ban BossyThey’re at it again.

When I saw this hit the web yesterday, I had the same reaction as this person:

Sadly, I was unprepared for the answer:

As you can tell, this is ostensibly yet another effort to “empower” girls, which I guess is why it’s being supported by the Girl Scouts. But Allah noted (correctly) that the nation’s girls aren’t the ones experiencing a systematic marginalization right now. Not by a long shot.

But this is potentially far more than just another misguided attempt at rallying behind “Girl Power”.

Once again, we have the smarty-pantsers on the Left trying to remove another word from the English language, as they are wont to do. But words aren’t inherently cruel and a free society has no business banning ANY words. If you ban one word, people will simply substitute some OTHER word to convey that same meaning.


Ban everything

Worth noting is it always seems to be the allegedly free-speech-loving Progressives who are always enamored with the removal or banning of words. Our institutes of higher learning seem especially smitten with this idea, and regularly create laughably-termed “Free Speech Zones” with exactly the sort of results you would expect.

And in case you were wondering, yes, our moral superiors in the media are just as bad in this regard.

Here’s a thought: instead of banning anything, why don’t we go back to preparing our kids for the messiness of life? It’s a radical notion, I know. But a child who won’t melt at a single word’s utterance is gonna be a happier, and mentally healthier, person in the long run.

Or as was expressed so eloquently below:

Right-O, Bob.

At the risk of sounding “bossy”, I’d even insist on it.

25 responses to “The Lunacy of Banning “Bossy”

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I practically choked on my coffee this morning when I saw this on the news. Every point you and others have made, JTR, were running through my mind. But the one that sticks with me the most is EXACTLY the one tweeted by Bob Owens.
    We’re creating a situation where young women will now be TAUGHT to be traumatized by the utterance of a word… A WORD! Ridiculous. I guess this group of “stars and notable personalities” (INCLUDING non-Leftist Condi Rice) thinks young girls are weak-spirited, with self esteem that is easily squashed. Trust me, that’s not a “ban free speech” issue, that’s lousy parenting. I guess that by their participation they, and the others supporting this nonsense, think that boys and young men are clearly superior and NOT in need of protection from being called “bossy”.

    What a joke.

    • Yes, the irony of the bossiest people in the nation telling others not to be “bossy” is so thick you’d need a fleet of Husqvarnas just to cut through half of it.

      • livinrightinpgh

        HA! The truth though, brother, is exactly what you’ve stated elsewhere: This stuff goes on and gains traction because far too many sit idly by and say NOTHING.

        • Yep. Only way this changes is if we each start to make an impact within our own spheres of influence.

          And then we need to make those spheres just as big as we possibly can.

  2. The left get smarter every day, don’t they?

  3. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me…..unless I’m Beyonce, Jennifer, Condeeleza, Diane, et al LOL!

    • Amen to that, Terry! 🙂

      I’m incredibly disappointed with Condi: I’ve always thought she was incredibly smart, …but joining this idiotic campaign has challenged that assumption for me.

  4. I can’t comment on this seriously — I mean, what Beyonce says and the hype it’s receiving. I feel like I should be laughing, but I’m not. This is just silly and stupid. Why do we give a damn what Beyonce says or thinks?

    Really, JTR, why do we? That’s what scares me — that this insane woman gets publicity just by moving her lips. Just by showing her face! And now she’s been promoted to thought police by popular acclaim. Why do we even allow that to happen?

    • I’d like to ignore stuff like this, James… but I can’t. And it’s precisely because people like Beyonce are taken seriously by far too many that I do so.

      Our society’s celebrity worship is partly the blame of all of us who have just ignored it. We retreated into our families and churches, and allowed this idiocy to flourish unchecked. Hollywood and schools are just two areas (out of many) where we failed to compete in the arena of ideas, and as a result Leftist voices filled the void …almost completely.

      I know you are largely being rhetorical, as you rail against the same sort of craziness over at your place, sometimes daily. But this (and my post from today expounds on it further) is just another depiction of what happens when a nation turns its back on God: folks don’t stop believing, but rather transfer their belief elsewhere.

      “Why do we allow this to happen?”
      Because it’s easier than fighting against the current. But that’s exactly what we’re called to do, as Pope Francis just reminded us last year:

      Forgive my rant here, my friend, but your comment triggered this thought which has been simmering in my lil’ brain since the whole “ban bossy” thing first hit…

      • livinrightinpgh

        PREACH IT, brother!

      • I was being rhetorical and hope you did not take that comment as directed at you. There was just so much news on it the other day, I had to say something about it and your blog gave the occasion: our culture needs to get a life! (You see, I need to rant too 😉 ).

        You’re right, something needs to be said, but only because someone created this unnecessary need. The entertainment “market” is exactly that, a market. It creates a need, in the same way fast-food chains create the need for junk food. Our society needs to get on a healthier diet.

        Like you said, we need God.

        Thanks for adding the link… Hey, where did I see that title before?

        Thanks, JTR!

        • That’s why I luv ya, brudda!

          I was, of course, operating under the assumption that you were being rhetorical. But I figured I’d press the issue, just in case you were either (A) only being partially rhetorical and/or (B) if you didn’t check back in.

          I’d rather not let something go unsaid which needed to be said, IYKWIM.

          Thanks for everything you do, James. And yes, that post of yours from last year has stuck with me since I read it.
          Great stuff, as always…

  5. Hear this in a little voice:”Help!Save me! From the word, Bully! Help!
    IT’s the stupidest campaign I’ve ever seen. Wonder who started it. I saw the GSA are connected with it.

    And Beyonce, the porn star? Why should young girls care what she thinks or says? She simply has no moral standing in anything.

    • And yet, she’s given a forum.

      My long-winded answer to your question is in my reply to James (Biltrix) above, but in short: she’s only allowed the moral standing if we say nothing.

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