Daring to Defy the Mob

“…Oh! You’ve nothing to say 
They’ll drag you away! 
If you listen to fools:  
The mob rules, …the mob rules…”  

(The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath; 1981)

One of my mother’s Top Five Sayings revolved around thinking for ourselves, and it had been drilled into her by the nuns when she was a child: “Right is Right even if NOBODY’s right, and Wrong is Wrong even if EVERYBODY’s wrong“. In other words, don’t let the current popular opinion sway your morals or judgement.

Or shorter: don’t follow the mob, no matter what.

Never in my life has the wisdom of that simple lesson been on more obvious display than recently.

firefox - 1

This week we witnessed the Leftist Mob Of Tolerance call for the scalp of Mozilla’s CEO, …and scarier still, we saw them get it. Regardless of this man’s viewpoints on marriage or ANY other highly debated topic, this was an undeserving fate for anyone living in an allegedly Free Society.

But we don’t have one of those anymore, do we?

Once again, the words of Erick Erickson come back to haunt us: “We will be Made to Care“. No section of your life will be allowed to be walled-off from political examination; nothing is off-limits and, as we just saw, there exists no statute of limitations. Like a roaming pack of wild dogs, the Left has tasted blood and now will settle for nothing else (h/t HotAir).

Sure, this invites immediate comparisons to the attempted virtual-lynching of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, when the mob came to his show’s network and demanded Robertson be sacrificed. But the eventual outcome wasn’t a refutation of the mob: it was only when A&E figured they had more to gain by keeping him did they finally bring Robertson back.

Recall further that the mob wasn’t pleased or humbled by that turn of events, either.

The ironic aspect of all this up-to-the-nanosecond Political Correctness is that it runs completely counter to ALL of the verbiage of its primary proponents: the increasingly statist, liberal-leaning Left. The disconnect is striking: while they scream and agitate about “tolerance”, they’re simultaneously handing out Scarlet Letters for all non-adherents to wear.

A particularly prescient post from Jonah Goldberg last year covered this exquisitely (“The Myth of Live-and-Let-Live Liberalism“):

“…who else do people think are behind efforts to ban big sodas or sue hairdressers for charging women more than men? Who harasses little kids for making toy guns out of sticks, Pop Tarts, or their own fingers? Who wants to regulate the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the beverages you drink?

Who wants to control your thermostat? Take your guns? Your cigarettes? Heck, your candy cigarettes?

Who’s in favor of speech codes on campuses and “hate crime” laws everywhere? Who’s in favor of free speech when it comes to taxpayer-subsidized “art” and pornography (so long as you use a condom, if liberals get their way) but then bang their spoons on their high chairs for strict regulations when it comes to political speech? Who loves meddling, finger-wagging billionaires like Michael Bloomberg when they use state power and taxpayer money to herd, bully, and nudge people but thinks billionaires like the Koch brothers who want to shrink government are the root of all tyranny?…”

The answer to all of Jonah’s questions was the same then as it is today. It’s the very same “open-minded purveyors of tolerance” who were just demanding the Mozilla CEO’s head on a pike.

Demonic - by Ann CoulterAnn Coulter went so far as to write an entire book on the subject, with ‘Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America‘. Just take these pull quotes for starters:

“…mob action has become so integral to the Left that it permeates every aspect of their political behavior. Don’t like Bush? Burn him in effigy. Upset the Kyoto treaty wasn’t signed by the United States? Throw rocks at cops. Don’t like the international monetary system? Smash a Starbucks window. A stripper claims she’s been raped by rich frat boys? Bang pots and pans outside of the athletes’ home…” — (page 153, ‘Demonic’)

“…The mob will never support defending America, only those who seek to undermine it. The mob will never side with those who seek to protect human life, only those who seek to destroy it. The mob will never support the creation of wealth, only those who seek to punish it. The mob will never defend traditional morality, only those who seek to subvert it.

And if you oppose the mob, it will come after you like a pack of ravenous hyenas. There is no coherence to the Left’s positions, except its will to destroy…” — (page 288, ‘Demonic’)

Sound familiar? Heck, examples of this litter our daily news as often as announcements of another Obamacare delay.

None of which is to say that we shouldn’t have the right to express ourselves about something in the public eye; far from it. But as (again allegedly) “Free People”, shouldn’t we then limit ourselves to what is expressly public behavior? After all, who among us will hold the exact same personal opinions as everyone else, on every topic? Why would we ever want to?

Make no mistake, that is where we’re rapidly headed: a forced uniformity of thought, where someone is made to pay a public penalty for the secular sin of possessing a contrary personal opinion. Empowering a mob to apply what amounts to an ideological purity test for everyone, on everything, can only result in one outcome.

And if you haven’t figured out what that outcome is yet, just pick up the nearest history book and turn to a century at random.

You won’t be searching for long, I promise…

French Revolution


17 responses to “Daring to Defy the Mob

  1. Live the tolerant lefty hate brigade.

  2. Communism, plain and simple. I choose not to associate with their ‘my way or the highway’ policy, and so for the very first time since it was first released in 2002 (before that, I used IE *eek* LOL) I am no longer using Firefox. Anyway, needless to say, I was quite comfortable with the format (cannot STAND Chrome based browsers), but I wanted to separate myself from Mozilla, so went on a hunt! 😀 After much research and multiple downloads and try outs of browsers, I have decided on this one and I love it! Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser: A faster, more secure version of Firefox


    Also, for further security (block trackers, etc) I use Ghostery: https://www.ghostery.com/en/ … and for a secure and private search engine that does not track I use: https://www.ixquick.com/

    Both of those can be added to the Comodo IceDragon browser.

    But for those who prefer chrome, check out Comodo Dragon. IceDragon is based off Firefox and the reg Dragon is based off of Chrome. 😉

    • As an Android user, I’m still using Chrome. Wouldn’t use IE on a bet, but my wife has Firefox on her laptop.
      Thus, I’ll definitely give this a tumble, Teach! Certainly appreciate your efforts, too.

      (***BTW, I thought you’d appreciate the Black Sabbath quote at the top, being our resident metal head…) 😉

      • I LOVE IT, song rushed through my head as I read the article! 😀 I did not get much sleep last night, researching, downloading, testing, deleting and then having to ‘clean up’ my PC rofol, but it was worth it. I really like this browser…

        On a not important but cool note, my favorite ‘animal’ is the Komodo Dragon, so I totally dig that’s its name! 😀

  3. I wrote about the emasculated liars of the PC yesterday. They deal only in lies, myths, hate, and stifling any opposing opinion.

    What bugs me the most about this is not that this man was crucified for his beliefs, he has been deemed by some (was on Slate, I think) that his beliefs disqualify him from a leadership position in business.

    How long before the thought police officially classify conservative opinions as a mental disorder?

  4. Just stopping by to say sorry I haven’t been able to get by lately and hope you all have a great weekend.

    • Your comments are missed, partner, but I’m just as guilty.
      How about this: I promise to stop by this week and read as much as possible…

      Plus, I’m sure you read/follow an insane # of blogs (like I do), so I understand your dilemma, I swear. 😀

      Great to see you: we’ll talk soon.

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  6. So then the NSA tracks all who leave Firefox, compiles a new “enemies list”, delivers that information to the IRS, homeland security, etc…

    • Oh your point is probably correct… and to the nsa as well as any other, I say “bring it”. Shoot, I’m sure that I’m already on multiple lists due to my entire belief system and way I live my life. 😉

  7. livinrightinpgh

    Shame on Mr. Eich for posting an apology for the “pain his stance had caused”. Sir: YOU have a RIGHT to take your stand, support the causes that matter to you, and shouldn’t allow yourself to be “mobbed” out of your job.

    Take a page from Eric Holder’s book: When faced with the INCOMPETENCE and DESTRUCTION of YOUR actions, and asked to resign, simply stare back and say “I have no intention of resigning”….

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