OUT: the corner ‘Pop’ Machine —- IN: the corner POT Machine

Man, do I feel old.

I’ve got nuthin’ against progress. I agree that going from 8-tracks to CD’s to MP4’s is a good thing, and having a camera and a computer in my cell phone is awesome. Heck, just having the cell phone itself is still awesome.

But not all progress is necessarily a positive, in this old fuddy-duddy’s opinion. ‘Cause, somehow, we’ve gone from seeing these:

cigarette machine

to these:

Zazzz Machine


Sure, the Zazzz Machine only sells pot “products”, and is only for users of “Medical” marijuana. And yes, they’re only located inside “approved dispensaries”. But to all that I say: give ’em time.

The dichotomy is striking: we as a society have long since turned cigarette smokers into virtual lepers, and we’re doing the same thing to users of e-cigarettes. We routinely attack both Soda AND Fast Food’s makers, as well as their consumers.

Yet now, we seem frantic to make marijuana, …weed/dope/grass…, as socially acceptable as Coca-cola and Mom’s apple pie.

MORE acceptable, really.

Of course, with the rather troubling study which just came out this weekmaybe there’ll be a bit of a pause in this headlong, desperate rush towards further expanded legalization. Maybe we’ll do some more in-depth research before we try to put one of these machines on every street corner.

Maybe. But I sure ain’t betting that way:

8 responses to “OUT: the corner ‘Pop’ Machine —- IN: the corner POT Machine

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Dumb ’em down, dope them up, and lead them like cattle….

  2. The people they need to study are the long term smokers, the ones who have smoked at least a “J” a day for years.

  3. Ain’t technology ….well, brilliant? Ha ha. wonderful. And its a whole new crowd for pols to pander to, not that we know they can vote.

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