OLD: “#BanBossy” — NEW: “Ban EVERY Word We Don’t Like”

Ban Bossy

In comparison, “Ban Bossy” looks positively restrained.

It was only a couple days ago that I wrote the following about the #BanBossy crowd:

“…we have the smarty-pantsers on the Left trying to remove another word from the English language, as they are wont to do. But words aren’t inherently cruel and a free society has no business banning ANY words. If you ban one word, people will simply substitute some OTHER word to convey that same meaning. Guaranteed.

Worth noting is it seems to be the allegedly free-speech-loving Progressives who are always enamored with the removal or banning of words. Our institutes of higher learning seem especially smitten with this idea…”

And in light of this newest example, my observation can only be termed disturbingly prescient:

(via Campus Reform) – A Minnesota college has launched a campaign to warn students about the “oppressive impact” of offensive language such as “wuss” and “you guys.”

The More Than Words: Inclusive Language Campaign was created by Macalester College’s Department of Multicultural Life in order to “raise awareness about the importance of using inclusive language.”

The campaign includes a series of YouTube videos and posters around campus.

Though there initially were only a handful of posters instructing students not to use certain words, they quickly multiplied, Macalester senior Daniel Surman told Campus Reform in an interview Monday.

“The first wave was [words] like ‘gay,’ ‘girl,’ ‘retarded’,” Surman said. “Then they had a second wave where suddenly the posters increased in number remarkably … that showed all of these other words that weren’t included before.”

The posters instruct students to avoid words such as “crazy” or “derp” and replace them with “person with a mental health condition” or “person with a learning or cognitive disability.” 

Great googily-moogily…

May we please, once and for all, just call a permanent time-out on the whole “banning words” thing? Please? Without being overly hyperbolic about this, you don’t have to go too far down the road to see where such thinking leads

Nazi book burning

Early 20th century progressives in the midst of “banning” various words…

It’s funny: I’m old enough to remember when freedom of speech was considered a good thing, and intolerance of words was bad.

The times, they are a-changin’…

15 responses to “OLD: “#BanBossy” — NEW: “Ban EVERY Word We Don’t Like”

  1. You’re too Bossy!
    …oh, the stupidity of it all.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Next, we will be pushing for:
    “Liberal or Progressive” to be replaced by “Compassionate Individual”.
    “Conservative or Tea Party” will be replaced by “Hate Monger”.

    I guess I never fully realized what delicate little flowers they are on the Left.

  3. How ’bout we ban the ‘f’ word.
    I’m tired of the left’s crudity.

    • Oh, no: bans are never for themselves.
      Bans are only for the unenlightened, the great unwashed, the heathens.
      In short, it’s only for us.

      Plus, I have no problem with them swearing so much: makes it obvious who has truth, vs who needs to resort to vulgarity.

  4. Well.. I… uh…. could go with banning “googily-moogily” 😉

  5. the old curmudgeon

    Old guy in the commercial?…..Obviously a right wing hate monger.

  6. My good friend Michael Baumann at Hillsdale College has put it the best: “Some women are bossy and so are some men and I’m not about to let these book burners dictate to me how I describe reality when reality is on my side.” Nuff said.

  7. Banning the word “wuss”? So would it be okay to go back to what I used to say instead of “wuss”? Which was p*ssy?

    We saw the same thing in the nineties when politically correct was all the rage. Funny how this banning of words happens when you have a liberal in office.

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