Take the test: “Are you a Liberal?”

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I was raised in the extremely liberal conclave of Massachusetts. As a result, for years my opinion of Liberal ideals was exactly as Dennis Prager enunciates in his video at the bottom: to be “liberal” was synonymous with being kindcompassionate and open-minded. To be otherwise marked you as some despotic amalgamation of The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns and Attila the Hun.

It wasn’t until after I graduated and escaped from New England (many years ago now) that I discovered what Conservatism even was, and that many, many people whom I knew were not, in actuality, liberal at all: they just thought they were.

Liberal_vs_conservativeI had the opportunity over a long career in sales to flesh-out this discovery, since during interviews the conversation would often come around to politics or current-events. It was then that I found countless folks who’d voted for liberals consistently,  even though their own personal beliefs and values ran counter to those politicians’. Why? Because they’d been fed the same line that I had: liberal was “good” and “kind”, so to not be liberal meant the opposite…and who wants to think themselves NOT “good” or “kind”?

Most of us know why this occurs: the message is promulgated in the Media, where a constant drumbeat of Leftist propaganda is pushed daily. Newspapers and Networks are populated with true believing liberals and progressives, which is plainly evident as soon as we watch a news broadcast or open a paper. There’s no need to even refer to the now-famous study from UCLA Professor of Political Science and Economics, Tim Groseclose, which proves conclusively the Leftist bias inherent in today’s media.

What I then surmised (and both Prager and Groseclose back up my conclusion) is that if people actually were honest with themselves about how their values do/do not jive with the politicians for whom they vote, they’d be voting for the Conservative the overwhelming amount of the time. Additionally, according to Groseclose’s study, absent the bias from the Media, Americans would vote more along the lines of the average Texas voter…solidly Conservative.


So have some fun and, after watching the video, test yourself below (…I scored a Zero: surprise, surprise…). More importantly, test your allegedly Liberal friends or family members. They may be surprised to discover that, although they may not be a hardcore Conservative, they’re likely not nearly as “liberal” as they’ve been led to believe.

They’ll almost certainly need to be comforted afterwards, so be sure to have a Kleenex or two handy.


Click HERE to take Dennis’ test!


17 responses to “Take the test: “Are you a Liberal?”

  1. Fun. I had my 18 year old daughter take the test… she scored a 2. I’m pretty darn happy with that result… beings when I was her age, I would of scored way, WAY higher 😉

  2. livinrightinpgh

    I still chuckle when I dig into the stack of “old stuff” and find my signed invitation to the inauguration for Carter/Mondale. (Still have the campaign button!). Ahh, to be 17, naive, and President of the Young Democrats. It’s ironic how a lifetime spent trying to achieve based on personal initiative, and a willingness to learn from failure so that greater achievement can be gained, has led me to the point that I’d score in the negative on that test….

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Well……I pulled off a “Kobayashi Maru” and scored a Negative 21……..Simply “disagreeing” didn’t meet my standards….

  4. Livingright, your post hits home with me. I have a niece who has always espoused liberalism. It made for some heated, and fun, discussions on the Holidays. I told her that when she finally got into the real world; working and making money her views would start to veer to the “right.” Lo and behold, my wonderful niece graduated from Ohio State, has a good management position with a big box retailer and all of a sudden she starts to complain about the amount of taxes being deducted from her paycheck. You all know me pretty well so you know that I have just sat back quietly listened to her complain. There has been no “i told ya so” from me. She has not come around completely, but I believe it is a matter of time.

  5. Scored a 0. I’ll need to ask my liberal family members to take this.

    I had always thought I was liberal until I was in my late 40’s. That was when I began to listen to Rush Limbaugh on my way to Harrisburgh each month for the Hospital Association meetings. I happened onto his broadcast by accident, you know, driving through areas where KDKA didn’t reach very well. Voila! Rush! I’m not a liberal!

    Great post, JTR.

    • Thanks, tannngl!

      I had a somewhat similar experience, with my good friend Hatfield being the one who suggested I start listening to Rushbo, waaaay back when we worked together. I’ve been a card-carrying Conservative ever since.

      And FYI: I had the unexpected surprise of having Dennis Prager re-Tweet this out last night.
      My week has been made!


  6. Funny. That’s about the same time I returned to the faith of my youth. I became a disciple of Christ Jesus again. The Holy Spirit was at work.

  7. Too cool!!!! That is so neat!!! Twitter is a place to meet the leaders, for sure.

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