Failing to accept the TRUTH about the #MiddleEast:

obama-flagpinDo you remember this old Obama quote?

“…Now it’s our moment to lead – our generation’s time to tell another great American story.

So someday we can tell our children that this was the time when we helped forge peace in the Middle East…”

(–Senator Barack Obama, 4/23/2007)

Hmmm,….  How’s that coming along? Let’s take a peek at a few items from the region:

Hey, that Middle-East-peace-thing is working out just swell: The Egyptian Military now hates us, the gains we made in Iraq are being utterly squandered, Palestinians still desire nothing more than to kill all the Jews, and the rest of the region is (literally) on fire.

But have no fear: into the midst of it all we’ve sent John Kerry to save the world!!!

Oh, yeah. We’ve, like, totally got a handle on this situation. Totally.

Kari - can handle it

“…Mrs. Parr, I can TOTALLY handle anything this baby can dish out…”

I know, I know: the upcoming Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks make for a great headline. But considering that this Administration’s definition of “reasonable compromise” is usually predicated upon what and how many concessions Israel will give away, I’m not exactly holding my breath.

Case in point: the talks themselves were made possible by Israel’s agreeing to release over a hundred Palestinian terrorists. In other words, my pessimism here is pretty well-founded.


Meanwhile, of course, we’re continuing to unequivocally support our ally, Israel:

Plus, all of our Embassies in the region are completely secure:

See? Everything is just ducky…

All is well 5

Dennis Prager once said of the continued violence in the Middle East: “Peace fails to materialize when one side doesn’t want it, which is still the best summation of the problem I’ve yet heard. It’s the basis of Negotiation 101: if one party is not negotiating in Good Faith, no real agreement is possible.

And until our nation’s leaders accept that extremely basic and undeniable truth, then-Senator Obama’s naïve prediction of Middle East peace is doomed to fail.

8 responses to “Failing to accept the TRUTH about the #MiddleEast:

  1. Nice summary. And we paid billions to both sides so kerry could have a photo op. of course we need to change the subject don’t we.

    • It’s a travesty, B-Ville, and only does an incredible disservice to Israel… as well as our nation’s influence abroad.

      This group is either the most clueless bunch we’ve had in power, ever, or the most duplicitous.
      Of course, it could be both…

  2. godsbooklover

    Prager is right on the money. It really IS that simple–the problem, that is. The solution? Not until Messiah’s return.

  3. We are arrogant. It’s no wonder people all over the world want to blow us up. This country is powerless to ‘help forge peace.’ I agree with GBL, Mr. Prager is spot-on. We need to make a final decision whether or not we are going to have Israel’s back.

    If memory serves (and it’s really short — haha), I found my way here from Right Ring.

  4. This guy is the number one liar of all times and his followers are total idiots!

  5. Dennis Prager is spot on. The entire reason for absence of peace between Israel and the ‘Palestinians’ is the hatred these Arabs have for Israel and the Jewish people. I was there and we crossed over into Bethlehem. They wouldn’t allow the Israeli buses nor guides to bring us to the birth place of Christ. There were men with machine guns guarding the gate to get in to Bethlehem. While we were there and waiting to return to Israel, a couple brought their baby to the gate and he was sick. They were permitted to take the baby to the hospital in Israel, Jerusalem.

    The leaders of these people are hate filled for the Jewish state and the Jews.

    As a contrast, I’ve talked with Arabs who live IN Israel. They are citizens in Israel and hold office in the Jewish government. That’s right. Arabs live in Israel. However, Jews are not even permitted in any Muslim countries.
    My friend who lives in a kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee said they get along very well with their Arab neighbors. In fact, Arabs in Israel prefer living their than any other country in the world.

    Thanks for this post, JRT. Too many people believe the lies that are purported by the media.

  6. Wonderful post!

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