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Take the test: “Are you a Liberal?”

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I was raised in the extremely liberal conclave of Massachusetts. As a result, for years my opinion of Liberal ideals was exactly as Dennis Prager enunciates in his video at the bottom: to be “liberal” was synonymous with being kindcompassionate and open-minded. To be otherwise marked you as some despotic amalgamation of The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns and Attila the Hun.

It wasn’t until after I graduated and escaped from New England (many years ago now) that I discovered what Conservatism even was, and that many, many people whom I knew were not, in actuality, liberal at all: they just thought they were.

Liberal_vs_conservativeI had the opportunity over a long career in sales to flesh-out this discovery, since during interviews the conversation would often come around to politics or current-events. It was then that I found countless folks who’d voted for liberals consistently,  even though their own personal beliefs and values ran counter to those politicians’. Why? Because they’d been fed the same line that I had: liberal was “good” and “kind”, so to not be liberal meant the opposite…and who wants to think themselves NOT “good” or “kind”?

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