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After a Week Like We’ve Just Had, There is Only One Thing To Do

head-in-handsOur government’s decisions as a result of the infamous “Shutdown” have had my blood on a slow boil all week. But this is Sunday, and I don’t want to be political today.

[But did you hear about the civilian priests who have government contracts to minister to the military? They are forbidden access to military bases during the shutdown–even if they are volunteering their time to say Mass for Catholic service men and women. Ugh. There goes my blood again.] Continue reading

Failing to accept the TRUTH about the #MiddleEast:

obama-flagpinDo you remember this old Obama quote?

“…Now it’s our moment to lead – our generation’s time to tell another great American story.

So someday we can tell our children that this was the time when we helped forge peace in the Middle East…”

(–Senator Barack Obama, 4/23/2007)

Hmmm,….  How’s that coming along? Let’s take a peek at a few items from the region:

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‘Trespassing’ is Crossing a Line in the Wrong Direction: AWAY From God

line in sand

Our pastor is preaching through the book of Ephesians right now.  A couple of weeks ago, he talked about the difference between trespasses and sins.  Trespassing is crossing a line…in the case of humanity, we’ve crossed a line that God drew, and it has separated us from Him.

I formed this picture in my mind, of God (as the hen gathering her chicks) with all of us huddled around Him, facing a line (some action or actions which would drive a wedge between us and make it impossible for us to go back).  “Stay here,” He says.  But our first ancestors, blinded by the lie–”You won’t really die…” (Genesis 3:4)–take the first fatal step in the wrong direction.  And looking back they see a flaming sword barring their way.

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Peace in the Middle East: “you’re doing it wrong…”

Don’t get too comforted by the temporary armistice between Hamas and Israel.

First of all, as Ed over at Hotair.com says, “The description of the cease-fire as “tenuous” is a masterpiece of understatement“.

This is a respite in Gaza, not a resolution“, Max Boot says.

They’re both right, of course. That’s because Israel wants peace, and Israel’s enemies want …the end of Israel. As plenty of folks before me have queried, how do you “compromise” with someone who wants to exterminate your entire populace? What exactly qualifies as “halfway” in that case: only most of your citizenry dead, perhaps?

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