The Cult of Obama is here…

MSNBC has officially entered a new level of adulation and fan worship in the Age Of Obama, and my only hope is that it isn’t contagious.

To be sure, they’ve always been willing to say anything, make any kind of ridiculous comparison or analogy, in order to justify their worldview. And their snide self-righteousness has always made it that much more stomach-churning.

That’s why they’re significantly worse than an actual State Run Media, since they do all of it without being told.

They’re cultists, posing as journalists, acting as government mouthpieces.

MSDNC - 888

But this is a new level, an entirely new pinnacle, even for them.

The 45-minute Snuggle Fest, …er, I mean “interview“, …that Chris Matthews gave to the President Thursday night was a sight to behold. Mathews vacillated between fawning and merely worshipful, as he set Speaking-Truth-To-Power back three generations.

Chris was plainly willing and eager to take an answer, ANY answer, from the most powerful man in the country. After ten minutes, I half hoped that Obama would start including made-up words in his replies (“…gee, Chris, that’s kind of snarglish of you to razzleflabbins that way“), if only to see if Matthews would still blindly agree with him.

Did Obama get even ONE tough question? Puh-lease…., I’ve seen people more uncomfortable during a pedicure.

And Obama didn’t let Chris down, being only too eager to knock that slow-pitched beach ball of a question into next week:

Gee, Chris, why don’t you just ask him “Mr. President, everyone knows that Republicans are evil-&-stupid (but-mainly-evil), so why don’t YOU tell us why you hate them, and we’ll just sit here and love you with our eyes…“?

I won’t even dignify the President’s spurious answer with a reply. We’ve already discussed it here several times, while he and his followers’ only response is to call folks like me “racist”. Again. Of course.

Then we had this:

Two things here:

  1. Yes, Obama has a “distaste” for ANYONE who dares to disagree with him, on anything, at anytime. This speaks to the weakness of him as a leader. He is so immature, so insecure, that he views disagreement as a personal attack which needs to be not only rebuffed but to be put down like Old Yeller.
  2. By comparing (and denigrating) Senate Majority Leader McConnell to South African President F. W. De Klerk, Chris Matthews is implicitly comparing the pre-Obama United States to Apartheid-era South Africa…. It’s insane, and says little about McConnell, but it DOES tell you all you need to know about Matthews.

The only even potentially tough question was when Matthews asked the President about the Obamacare roll-out, and why there was no CEO overseeing the entire process. Obama blithely went through his regular rehearsed answers and Chris followed up by doing…. nothing.

Awesome job, Chris.

I admit being mildly surprised when Matthews didn’t ask Barack for an autograph and a hug after it was all over.

The end of the interview was just the first act, however. Then, the MSNBC talking heads spent the next hour by reveling in the Glory of having been in the presence of The One:

This is no longer politics, ladies and gentlemen. This is no longer about policy, or the country, or GDP, or Unemployment, or Iran, or taxes, or health care, or anything else.

This is now officially about Obama, as an end unto himself.

We’ve warned of the Cult Of Personality before, and we’ve seen flashes of it with the Beatles, Elvis and various movie stars. However, those celebrities eventually began to lose their glow. JFK was as close as we’ve seen with a politician, and he wasn’t around long enough for his star to lose its sheen.

But never in the modern media age have we seen people whose alleged purpose it is to challenge those in power, submit themselves so utterly to any politician, let alone to the President of the United States.

We’ve joked about it before, but he really IS like a god to them. This is B-flick horror movie stuff, like “Invasion of the Journalists”, or maybe “Children Of The Corn – The MSNBC Years”.

Along with other True Believers, they’re now part of the official Cult of Obama: he is their only concern. Him. Barack.

The country’s success doesn’t matter unless it means success for Barack, as they are now synonymous. Love of Country must also now mean Love Of Barack. And by extension, if you disagree with Barack, you also Hate The Country.

This is dangerous territory, and we’ve been warned about it, many times before.

Too many times, I’m afraid.

10 responses to “The Cult of Obama is here…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    The thought of Matthews and the “chill running up his leg” about BHO has taken an ugly turn to “bromance”. Watching that interview gave the impression that I was watching a sequel called “Brokeback Interview”…

  2. The truly most disgusting comment came from Matthews himself. Speaking with much emotion about the Savior – “HE CAME TO US TODAY. HE CAME AMONG US.”
    Matthews truly believes Obama is a Deity living on earth.”

    • Hi, James, and welcome!

      I agree that Chris’ “…he came amongst us…” statement was over-the-top to a ridiculous degree. But it was the primary quote getting attention today, so I didn’t harp on it.
      But you’re right, and it certainly buttresses my overall point.

      The Obama Cultists are beyond help. They don’t seem to be able to view anything he says or does with a whit of impartiality. Having a bias is normal for any journalist, but this is way beyond bias; it’s basically adulation, or worse.

      Great to have you here, sir. Hope to see you again!

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