Obama’s FTC wants to “protect” you from the unscrupulous business practices of …your local Music Teacher

Like a towering regulatory tsunami, our benevolent Federal Government is sending a huge wave of brand new regulations crashing across the nation. And getting to higher ground won’t help matters, I’m afraid.

It’s been a busy year for our Federal Busybodies. Among the hundreds of brand new directives, they’ve added the FDA’s proposed ban of trans fats, the FTC’s new rule on the Hart-Scott-Rodino procedures for pharmaceutical companies, and the EPA revealing that they’re planning on rolling out 134 new environmental regulations in 2014 (which was announced on the day before Thanksgiving, so it would go largely unnoticed. Nice…).


But for a taste of just how petty and nonsensical some of these new regs are, I’ve got a doozy that’s received scant attention from the media.

It seems that our government wishes to “protect” us from the unscrupulous business practices of …your local piano teacher:

From the Wall Street Journal:

“…The (Music Teachers National Association)’s sin, according to the feds, rested in its code of ethics. The code lays out ideals for members to follow—a commitment to students, colleagues, society. Tucked into this worthy document was a provision calling on teachers to respect their colleagues’ studios, and not actively recruit students from other teachers.

That’s a common enough provision among professional organizations (doctors, lawyers), yet the FTC avers that the suggestion that Miss Sally not poach students from Miss Lucy was an attempt to raise prices for piano lessons.

Given that the average lesson runs around $30 an hour, and that some devoted teachers still give lessons for $5 a pop, this is patently absurd…” 

piano teacher 448

Once again, the government seems intent on extracting their pound of flesh from citizens who are trying desperately to just go about living their lives.

Ultimately, this is an economics issue as much as an issue of freedom. Every time the Federal Government creates new regulations, it puts more of a burden on citizens to comply accordingly. Such compliance takes time, money and energy, all of which could be spent on producing goods and services (like teaching piano, for instance) if the regulations didn’t exist.

Ultimately, regulations are limits, and no nation in the history of the planet has ever limited itself into prosperity.

In order to save ourselves from this regulatory suicide, we’re gonna need more politicians in the House and Senate (and eventually a president, too) who fully understand what’s at stake here. At this pace, we’re going to eventually run out of freedoms for them to limit.

And the reality is: if we don’t re-infuse our country with some basic, common-sense, economic wisdom in this area (and quickly), we may not have enough of a nation to bother with saving.

10 responses to “Obama’s FTC wants to “protect” you from the unscrupulous business practices of …your local Music Teacher

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. Well, WHO needs all that “freedom” anyway? You give people too much freedom and the next thing you know, unbridled entrepreneurship and capitalism will break out. Folks will achieve and succeed on their own efforts and then there won’t be any room for the government to pick winners and losers. Can’t have that, now can we?

    • Couldn’t agree more, Pgh.
      The sooner us Plebeians learn our place, the better off we’ll be.

      Mustn’t forget our predetermined station in our new, glorious, Liberal Caste System…

  3. The current Administration lives up to the motto: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

  4. Most Americans today have NO idea what working/living conditions led up to government “regulations.” Unions too for that matter. They weren’t established to appease those who “felt” they had something to complain about or to enable those WITHOUT power to gain it. We live in the most ungrateful society this country has ever known and it’s not the government I blame for that, it’s the PEOPLE. Our government officials (at any level) reflect the PEOPLE who elect them (or allow them to be elected) not the other way around. It’s so frustrating and sickening to see this happen to our beloved America. I’m grateful for places like this blog where I can kick and scream among friends. 🙂

    • And we’re glad to have you, too, Miss Wendee! Kick and scream to your heart’s content….

      **By the way, we WERE gonna call our blog “Catharsis-R-Us”, but it just wasn’t catchy enough.
      Glad we can help, regardless….

  5. Ummm…I’m still trying to figure out what this regulation is even trying to say. But then what do I know? I’m just a stupid PIANO teacher, after all. Thanks for this post, bro, which you knew was guaranteed to raise any of my as-yet-unraised hackles.

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