By whatever means necessary: Voting In America

(Editor’s Note: since there are two of us, at least one Head is usually around to run the ship. However, while we were on vacation a couple weeks back, ‘LivinRightInPGH’ filled in for us ….and did a super job. So, we offered him a guest gig anytime the spirit moved him. It seems that today was one of those days. 

No idea how regularly ‘PGH’ will be posting in the future. We’re hopeful it’s fairly often.


At this time, the State of New York (soon to be followed by MANY others) is requiring companies who sell life insurance and annuities to run their entire client base against a Social Security Administration’s Death Master File, in order to see if there are any “unclaimed funds”.  You see, if the deceased was a New York resident, and no claim has been filed on their accounts, New York wants the insurance company to send THEM the money.  Of course (insert dripping sarcasm here), the state will do their best to find those beneficiaries, but in the meantime, that money will just happen to sit in their state’s general fund, accruing interest.

Which made me wonder: does the great state of New York do the same thing with their voter registration lists? Using the same methodology, they could quickly and easily make sure that the “dead” aren’t casting votes from the afterlife, right?

I’m intrigued and more than a little concerned by the whole issue that surrounds the integrity of voting in these great United States.  Moreover, I’m perplexed as to why the US Department Of Justice, led by Eric Holder, is doing everything in its power to block any measure that would enforce Voter ID laws.  I’d like to say that I don’t understand why they’d do such a thing, but sadly…I do.

If you can’t win on the issues, and if you can’t win fairly at the ballot box, you’re going to need a whole bunch of dead folks, non-citizens, et al, to swing the election your way.

Perhaps this is why Holder’s Justice Department stopped non-partisan election reform by claiming that unless there was a “D” next to a candidate’s name, African-American voters “wouldn’t be able to identify and vote for the Democrats.”  He went on to call laws requiring valid voter ID a “poll tax,” with the clear aim of stoking racial animus.  It was such a distasteful argument that even the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals rejected it.

As I recall, JTR covered a ton of places where ID is needed in a post several months ago. They included:

  • Driving
  • Getting on an airplane
  • Opening a bank account

(Oh, by the way:  If you want to visit the USDOJ, you need to show proper and acceptable ID.  Just sayin’…)

The whole argument against voter ID laws from the left is a smokescreen of perceived racism just to cover up one simple fact:  Without voter fraud, they CAN’T win.

The Heritage Foundation recently noted:

“Georgia, which has had voter ID since 2007, allows six different forms of ID to vote.  And there has been no stampede of would-be voters who lack identification:  ‘The number of photo IDs issued by Georgia to individuals who did not already have one of the forms of ID acceptable under state law is remarkably small, averaging less (than) 0.05% in most years, and not even reaching 3/10ths of 1% in a presidential election year.’”

You may be interested to know, however, that in Georgia, Hispanic voting increased over 140% from 2004 to 2008, while African-American voting increased by 42% over the same time frame.

So much for disenfranchisement.


One more quote from Heritage:

“America cannot allow its elections to be anything but secure and legal.  Preventing voter fraud is common sense, and it is outrageous that the U.S. Justice Department would stand in the way.”

Well, my friends, outrageous or not, this is EXACTLY what they’re doing.

7 responses to “By whatever means necessary: Voting In America

  1. Nice job, PGH!
    With the biggest election of our lives coming up in a few months, this issue is vital. Not sure if you’ve read it, but Hugh Hewitt wrote a book back in 2004: ‘If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat’.
    He covers this subject, along with the history of voter fraud, which is as old as voting itself.

    Even MORE reason to make sure that we flood the polls with every able-bodied man & woman (living and legal, obviously) to get rid of this band of thugs. 😉

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Thanks, Bro-ham!
    It’s time for a serious outcry from those who are SERIOUS about preserving our Nation. Holder should have been gone about 3 seconds after the NBPP voter intimidation fiasco.

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