A new low: Chris Matthews compares the #GOP to Kim Jong-un executing his uncle

In the midst of the Great Obamacare Collapse, the media and Democrats (I know, I know: “they’re the same thing”…) are both desperately searching for ANYTHING with which to distract the American public. 

And right on cue, the always-dependable Chris Matthews has been trying his darndest to answer the call.

Chris’ basic shtick is to rapidly hurl insults at the Right in his permanently semi-inebriated state, night after night. But since that’s even more annoyingly repetitive than it sounds, he seems to have stepped up his game by going for bigger and bolder lies, replete with more despicable invective.

How else to explain how he went from comparing the Republicans to Apartheid-era South Africa last week, to THIS:

(***By the way, don’t you LOVE the fact that Matthews simply assumes his audience NEEDS to have the word “feckless” defined for them?? Just sayin’…) 

But back to his quote: “…the Right Wing is acting, if not as brutally, certainly as crazily.

Oh, c’mon, Chris…

I mean, lots of folks (me included) use hyperbole all the time. The trick is to play it for laughs. Not Chris, though: he actually means it.

Yet far from causing pain, being insulted by goofballs like Matthews has practically become a source of pride on the Right. Chris is one of the biggest hacks in media right now, a slightly more intelligent version of Ed Shultz. Honestly, having him call ANYONE the “loudest, angriest, nastiest” is beyond hysterical, especially as he (literally) spits his words at the screen, and appears ready to stroke-out at any minute.

Matthews 2013

Schoolyard name-calling has long been the province of Liberals, which was most recently on glorious display during the Government Shutdown fracas. In the space of only a couple weeks, Conservatives and Republicans were called (on many multiple occasions, by both elected officials and major media figures): arsonists, anarchists, hostage-takers, saboteurs, terrorists, extortionists, and murderers.

Oh, yeah: and “the Taliban“, too.


However, I still stand by my statement from a few weeks back: I don’t want anyone censured, silenced or fired. We (supposedly) live in a Free Country, and possess the Right to Free Speech. Everyone should hear how loony liberals like Matthews disparage their ideological opponents.

Go ahead, Lefties: let yer’ Liberal “Freak Flag” fly!!!

Because contrary to what you think, it ain’t helping you.

The more that you guys kick, scream, lie, and try to point fingers at EVERYONE but yourselves, the more ridiculous you look. Despite all your attempts at distraction, the country is still focused on ONE political discussion, and ONLY one:


It’s being discussed everywhere, all the time. Heck, it’s even being openly ridiculed by comedians, and is such a point of derision that signs like these are popping-up at college football games:

You wanted Obamacare, Lefties? You got it.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t run away from this. Have fun trying, though.

7 responses to “A new low: Chris Matthews compares the #GOP to Kim Jong-un executing his uncle

  1. *sigh*. He looks like such an angry, privileged, white, elitist male. Must be difficult, not to mention unhealthy, to carry so much anger and bitterness within…

  2. “A new low” for Matthews? You got me with that line! Seriously, Matthews has sunk so low that he’d have to climb a ladder to scratch a snake’s butt. Yet, he never does stop trying, does he???
    The desperation of the Left is always seen in the complete lunacy of comments from those like Matthews, Whatshername Schultz, et al…. It may have taken 50 years, but I sense that they are beginning to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher to the American public…

  3. Clearly the man is insane.

  4. Poor crazy Chris…
    I really hope he is getting his hypertension treated.

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