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New Obama advisor John Podesta calls the #GOP a “cult worthy of Jonestown”

I’m almost speechless…

From HotAir:

This piece from Politico on the man brought in by Barack Obama to rescue his second term from hubris and incompetence contains no small amount of irony, especially coming within hours of Barbara Walters’ admission that the media saw Obama as “the Messiah” in 2008. 

John Podesta, who founded and chaired the Center for American Progress until the White House called, wasn’t ever going to be a voice for moderation and outreach.  However, calling Republicans the equivalent of a murderous cult is just a little sharp-elbowed for an administration whose leader claims not to be “particularly ideological”

All week long we’ve been pointing out the head-shaking hypocrisy over at MSNBC, as Chris Matthews & company repeatedly ascribe their own worst sins to conservatives and Republicans. It has been projection at its finest.

But this? This is truly special:

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Paying more $$$ for #Obamacare is an awesome new “choice”; it’s “Manna From Heaven”…


As you may recall, we recently discussed the creepy Cultish qualities of the Obama fans/Leftists/True Believers. Well, consider this further evidence to buttress that observation, …as if we really needed any.

First up: Obamacare architect Zeke Emanuel:

Emanuel: “…The president never said you were going to have unlimited choice of any doctor in the country you want… But look, if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can do that. It’s a matter of choice. …

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The Cult of Obama is here…

MSNBC has officially entered a new level of adulation and fan worship in the Age Of Obama, and my only hope is that it isn’t contagious.

To be sure, they’ve always been willing to say anything, make any kind of ridiculous comparison or analogy, in order to justify their worldview. And their snide self-righteousness has always made it that much more stomach-churning.

That’s why they’re significantly worse than an actual State Run Media, since they do all of it without being told.

They’re cultists, posing as journalists, acting as government mouthpieces.

MSDNC - 888

But this is a new level, an entirely new pinnacle, even for them.

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