#ChrisChristie and #Bridgegate: ‘Morning Joe’ (amazingly) gets it right…

Morning Joe

I watch MSNBC occasionally for the same reason I watch or read anything: I want to know what people think, sometimes especially those folks with whom I disagree. And Lord knows that I often disagree with, and have been critical of, the MSNBC folks in the past.

In my defense, when your channel features such luminaries as Melissa Harris-Perry, Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton every day, merely being “critical” should be viewed as remarkable self-restraint.

However, on today’s ‘Morning Joe’, host Joe Scarborough got Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” right. In the interest of fairness, I have to applaud any time I see someone put things in the proper perspective over there.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll happen again this year…

Courtesy of Mediaite:

“Is this as bad as the IRS scandal that Barack Obama basically just sort of brushed off?” Scarborough asked Donny Deutsch. “I think if we are going to be critical of Chris Christie, we have to be critical of a culture in Washington D.C. where Barack Obama has allowed one scandal after another to break and then say, oh, I didn’t know anything about it.”

“If we go after the culture, we have to go after the culture of Barack Obama, who has one scandal after another scandal after another scandal hit and he says the same thing every time: ‘I had no idea about it,’ ” he continued.

“Nobody ever pays.”

Exactly, Joe. 

And thank you. 

5 responses to “#ChrisChristie and #Bridgegate: ‘Morning Joe’ (amazingly) gets it right…

  1. At least Christie fired somebody, Obama can’t even say that for his scandals. Do give them credit for bringing up the similarities, clearly no executive can keep track of everybody and everything they do.

    To me its the reaction of the Obama administration to these scandals that makes the difference. Could you see Obama doing two hours of answering questions about the IRS, Benghazi or NSA?(which he for sure knew about)

    Christie came out and took the bullet, I give him credit for that.

  2. Emphatically, yes.
    The IRS scandal is the closest analogy to the bridge scandal, because it is directly about election politics. Using an apparatus of the federal government to handicap opposition political speech is more egregious than any traffic shenanigan, as horrible as that is.

  3. First, I know what you mean. I will sometimes turn it on to watch the train wreck. It supplies a lot of material (I distinguish material from information)

    It’s true, and the case has to continually be made even if it sounds repetitious. (like the scandals aren’t repetitious) Who knows, maybe people will get so sick of hearing about comparisons of Obama’s scandals that someone, somewhere does something about it, if only to shut people up ? Because it is self-evident that Obama doesn’t care about IRS or Benghazi or Fast and Furious any more than the war in Afghanistan. (he wants them all over yesterday.) He and the country need a constant reminder.

    • What Donny was doing is saying Christie sets the tone and that he had to be aware of it. But Obama and IRS are exhibits A, B and C – no way could he not know all this was happening unless he is under a rock. Obama is the most surprised president ever. The rest of us are in Casablanca.

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