(VIDEO) Mr. Virtual President, on Voter Fraud

v-potus-headerBill Whittle is back again, in his role as ‘Mr. Virtual President’.

His previous forays as the ‘MVP’ are here (“VIRTUAL Inaugural Address of 2013”),

and here (“2nd Amendment is there to protect the American people from US…”).

In this edition he addresses Voter Fraud, a subject that we’ve hit many times, as well. It’s a short clip (only 7 minutes), but as always, Whittle delivers the goods:


6 responses to “(VIDEO) Mr. Virtual President, on Voter Fraud

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    One question: if your ideas are so “accepted” and “supported” by the People…..WHY do you need to engage in voter fraud?

  2. I know the main stream media hasn’t aired this information. I had read it in the net. The lady he refers to should go to jail.

    • You’re right, tannngl: it made its way around the Conservative blogs, but that’s it.

      She’s part of the investigation, but since Holder’s DOJ is going to be central to this, don’t hold your breath for a conviction.

      Whittle makes more sense in 7 minutes than most politicians do over their entire careers…

  3. He made me want to stand up and cheer, How can anyone argue against this beautiful, logical, patriotic and practical thinking? Mind-boggling that anyone would…

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