New Obama advisor John Podesta calls the #GOP a “cult worthy of Jonestown”

I’m almost speechless…

From HotAir:

This piece from Politico on the man brought in by Barack Obama to rescue his second term from hubris and incompetence contains no small amount of irony, especially coming within hours of Barbara Walters’ admission that the media saw Obama as “the Messiah” in 2008. 

John Podesta, who founded and chaired the Center for American Progress until the White House called, wasn’t ever going to be a voice for moderation and outreach.  However, calling Republicans the equivalent of a murderous cult is just a little sharp-elbowed for an administration whose leader claims not to be “particularly ideological”

All week long we’ve been pointing out the head-shaking hypocrisy over at MSNBC, as Chris Matthews & company repeatedly ascribe their own worst sins to conservatives and Republicans. It has been projection at its finest.

But this? This is truly special:

It’s also just a tad ironic, in that we’ve ALSO pointed out (more than once) that the only “cult” around is NOT on the Right-side the aisle. You Democrats might want to check just a little closer to home.

333 zombie

But before I could even start writing a post on this, John Ekdahl was all over it:

The Left lives, completely and totally, within a bubble of their own making. Worse, those in power then project their worst and wildest fantasies about their political opponents, and then GOVERN ACCORDINGLY.

And this last part is what makes them truly dangerous.

They are simultaneously delusional AND committed, both classic signs of cultists (or the insane; your call…). However, as cult members rarely handle their beliefs being challenged very well, it would behoove us to do all in our power to cast them out of power, before things get much worse. 

And if we don’t? Well, you might want to prepare yourself for what is sure to eventually be our new National Anthem:

8 responses to “New Obama advisor John Podesta calls the #GOP a “cult worthy of Jonestown”

  1. Podesta graduated Magna Cum Laude from the “Chris Matthews Charm School” (evening program)…..

  2. Attack of the Obama clones, destroying America one day at a time!

  3. Think of what a cult actually is. They all work and follow one person and do whatever he says. It’s as if they are all on drugs and have no thoughts or ideas for themselves. They’re blinded by this person and will ruin their lives for his cause. Wait till this cult dies. Wonder what those who have done everything for this cause will do? History repeats itself, but do they ever learn? Hopefully they will and soon!!!!!!

  4. Did you hear about the Harvard kid who said there was a bomb in the school just to get out of exams? What kind of people go there?

  5. Obama and his followers are cults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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