Just in case you forgot: “Somehow, if you oppose #Obamacare, you’re racist, Racist, RACIST!!”

CaduceusEver since the Democrats started seriously formulating their ideas about Obamacare in 2009, we’ve heard all the same arguments, over and over:

  • It will “bend the Cost Curve down…” — Umm, no, it doesn’t.
  • “If you like your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor…” — Unless you can’t, of course. See, there’s already a shortage of physicians, and more and more doctors are deciding to just pack it in, rather than deal with the worsening governmental nightmare. Of course, the term “doctor” may be somewhat nebulous in the future, as well.
  • “If you like your Insurance Plan, you can KEEP your Insurance Plan…” —  Again, that depends: do you buy your insurance yourself, rather than through your employer? Do you own a Small Business? If so, then NO, you likely can’t keep your existing plan. Sorry ’bout that…
  • “Your Healthcare will be better…” — That was always laughable, since adding millions of people to the ranks of the insured doesn’t add a proportionate number of doctors (see “If You Like Your Doctor” above…). Your care can’t be better when the same number (or fewer) doctors are attempting to care for tens of millions more patients.

But the one constant which we heard throughout all of the discussions was: “if you oppose Obamacare, you’re racist“.

Racist Obamacare

This accusation has been pushed by fanboys of the Affordable Healthcare for America Act’s since Day One, resulting in their loyal followers swallowing it, hook-line-and-sinker.

These charges came up again, and again, and again.

Actually, up until 2012, the term Obamacare itself was said to be “racist”. Democrats eventually realized that was too ludicrous, even for them. They didn’t have much choice, really: it was kinda’ hard to keep up that line of demagoguery when Obama himself started marketing the term.

Without missing a beat, the Lefties simply tossed the no-longer-useful meme onto the trash heap into the compost bin, and once again screamed that opposition to Obamacare was inherently racist. I know, I know: what in the Wide, Wide World of Sports does race have to do with opposition to Obamacare?

HA!!  That’s a question only a RACIST would ask!

(…See how that works?)

It’s simple: you only need to hurl the accusation, and instantly the target of your accusation must now disprove the negative, much like the old “when did you stop beating your wife?” cliché. Sadly (or thankfully, depending on your viewpoint), the Race Card has been played out so often and so capriciously, that it long ago lost its sting.


Yet Leftists still cling to it desperately, like a drunk with an empty bottle, trying to extract one last drop of magic from their old friend.

Pathetically, it was trotted out once again, this time by Louisiana state Senator and Democrat Party chair Karen Carter Peterson. She made the following speech from her state’s Senate floor just the other day:


While deplorable and intellectually lazy, this still doesn’t answer the bigger question: WHY? Why do Statists like state Senator Peterson continually accuse their opponents of racism, when race doesn’t begin to factor into any aspect of the conversation?

It’s because Race is the Prism through which the Left views the World.

And from that myopic worldview, we get this (extremely partial) list of items which are all, inexplicably, “racist”:

Again, I’m only scratching the surface here. If you spend 5 minutes on Google, you can find millions of examples. Millions


hammer and a nailThe old expression, “When all you have is a Hammer, everything looks like a Nail” is particularly applicable here, but it’s even deeper than that. The Left has institutionalized racism, pounding it incessantly through schools and media. They are now compelled to continue to propagate it, in order to hold onto the power it’s gained for them.

As long as some folks are willing to see themselves as ‘Victims of Racism’, then those same individuals will be more inclined to accept arguments which buttress that self-image, and reject out of hand those which don’t. Democrat state Senator Karen Carter Peterson is no doubt aware of this, yet she’s feeding into it for her own selfish, political gain.

In the old days, most folks would honestly and accurately label such behavior as “Racist”.

But these are no longer the old days and, as with much of the verbiage spouted by the Left, honesty and accuracy has nothing to do with it.



***UPDATE: 5-31-2013 at 1:17pm – 

From Erika Johnson (and the Weekly Standard) comes an update on the contemptible state Senator Karen Carter Peterson which will leave you scratching your head:

“I’m not stepping away from anything that I said on the floor.

I didn’t call anyone a racist. I referenced some of the conversations that I’d had with colleagues that, you know, shared with me that one of the factors, it’s not always the factor.

I didn’t say that everybody’s decision was based on that. But certainly one of the factors was politics around it and race, the issue of race. So, that has kind of stirred up some folks that are not, I guess, accustomed to having that conversation openly but I think that it’s time that we not ignore the issue.”

Allow me to translate: “All that stuff I said yesterday? Yeah, I actually didn’t say it. And if you somehow construed that I meant folks opposing Obamacare were racist, when I actually said that race is “what it comes down to,”…, well, that’s all your fault.”

21 responses to “Just in case you forgot: “Somehow, if you oppose #Obamacare, you’re racist, Racist, RACIST!!”

  1. Repulsive, and she’s calling most of her constituents racists. (Jack Murtha did that directly years back)

    • Exactly, but it’s like having your mugger label you a bully…while he’s mugging you.
      She’s rationalizing her racism by saying she’s fighting…racism. And you’re right: she’s labeling her constituents racists at the same time.

      The GOP is far from perfect, but only Dems can get away with crap like this. The last time I observed hubris even close to comparable, a kid flew too close to the sun and his wax wings melted….

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Ironic. Opposition to Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales, et al, was never cited as being “racist”. Hmmmmmmm……perplexing.

    • Got ya’ covered, Pgh:
      Is the target of the alleged racism someone you like? If NO, then criticism of them is not racism.

      Might want to write that down….

      • livinrightinpgh

        Help a brother out here, will ya?

        Sooooo…..if I’m a Conservative who has a problem with, oh…..let’s say…..OBAMA, I’m a racist.

        Buuutttt…..If I’m a Lib/Progressive who has a problem with Clarence Thomas, I’m just a concerned citizen?

        Assuming I, personally, were a “person of color”, would the same rules apply to me then?

        Gotta tell ya…I’m still confused. If I’m a Conservative who SUPPORTS a Clarence Thomas or an Alberto Gonzales, am I STILL a racist? Or are they NOT really “people of color”/minorities. Does “Uncle Tom” status disqualify someone from being eligible to make a claim of racism?

        Thanks for opening my eyes to the fact that I do NOT have adequate understanding in this area……

        • Well, actually, you don’t NEED to be a “POC” (person of color) in order to brand an ACTUAL person of color a ‘racist’.
          Just examine their views.

          Do they:
          –Believe in objective right and wrong?
          –Argue for self-determination and responsibility for one’s actions?
          –Stand up for American Exceptionalism?
          –Write, speak &/or live in a Patriotic manner?

          Easy answer: they’re probably a Racist, until proven otherwise…

          Glad you asked, partner. Always happy to help.

  3. I think she was auditioning for the Obama administration. Sounds like a good IRS candidate. She can give a speech and never actually talk about the subject. Talent…

    • Tough to learn later in life, which is why they’re training ’em so young these days.
      Better to get these views to be knee-jerk early on, to avoid possible racial heresy.

  4. The hypocrisy from Democrats about racism is of course rampant for they choose where and when to play the card. If it doesn’t serve their purpose then they are silent, like when minority conservatives are attacked both verbally or physically.

    They use emotion to get people on their side, if they oppose something then it must be race related. The stupidity of this is endless and mind numbing, it will continue because people fall for it all the time.

    • livinrightinpgh

      And, Blaine…the fact that Republicans play “run and hide” or go on an apology tour, or resign, every time some whacked out Lib cries “RACIST” certainly doesn’t help. It’s time for the R’s to “man up”, and meet these ridiculous charges with aggressive responses.

  5. You would think that they’d eventually get a headache from all that cognitive dissonance. Dang.

  6. Not one creative response from any of the libtards. This is getting really old.

    • When it comes to politics, creativity isn’t their strong suit. That’s why their drum circles sound EXACTLY like the ones from their youth, and their plans for governance hearken back to Stalin and Lenin.

      I find it ironic that they have fancy themselves as “progressive”, when their ideas (fiscal/environmental/etc) are the most REgressive around.

      Black is white; up is down; right is wrong.
      Orwell’s future is beginning to look optimistic in comparison…

  7. tannngl (@tannngl)

    “And from that myopic worldview, we get this (extremely partial) list of items which are all, inexplicably, “racist”:”
    Add: True the Vote ideas like taking all the dead voters off the voter rolls. RACIST!

    Really good post, JTR.
    I spent some time debating with a liberal the fact that doctors were going to leave their profession over this law. He said I was crazy. I, of coure was RACIST!

    • Wonderful addition, tannngl! I should have added “True The Vote”, to be sure…

      Actually, I think I will…., but I’ll give ya’ credit,
      …you crazy Racist, you!


  8. She has actually had conversations where people have admitted to being racist as their reason for opposing ObamaCare. Really????

    I’m very skeptical about that. I’m not saying that some people who oppose ObamaCare are not racists. I just doubt seriously that they would admit it if they were.

    It’s sort of like standing up and saying “Hi, I’m a child molester. Please throw feces on me now!”

    Nobody does that! Not in America since about 1975.

    How do I know that? Because I’m part American Indian and in the occasional encounters I’ve had with racism, the racist was not overt about it and anytime I’ve ever seen someone challenged on their attitude, they vehemently denied being a racist.

    This lady must have some really good alcohol in her office that she can get people to just admit that.

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